What dishes were served on our tables 300 years ago?

What dishes were served on our tables 300 years ago?

Residents of Liepāja and their guests learned what dishes were served on their tables in our city 300 years ago.

Over the weekend at the  Liepājas interjera muzejs. Hoijeres kundzes viesu nams, visitors were delighted with food preparation demonstrations and tastings by chef, culinary show host and food enthusiast Mārtiņš Sirmais.

Mārtiņš Sirmais shared insights into the dishes served, cooking customs, and guest preferences from approximately 300 years ago. The chef also discussed how collective food memory influences the eating habits of specific societal groups.

Engaging in lively discussions and answering questions, attendees and the chef had enriching conversations that continued as they savored delicious dishes and beverages.

Listeners enjoyed savory fish snacks prepared on the spot while the chef spoke in the grand dining room of Madame Hoijeres' guesthouse. Later, in the tavern's cozy atmosphere, a sautéed dish from the Hoijeres house fireplace, salt-baked trout, and rye bread kvass were served.

In addition to the culinary delights, violinist Dzintars Beitāns and guitarist Egons Kronbergs entertained guests with delightful Irish music, creating a truly vibrant and authentic tavern atmosphere.