Welcome to the Liepāja 2027 (un)Rest Programme Capacity Building Workshop

Welcome to the Liepāja 2027 (un)Rest Programme Capacity Building Workshop

Please welcome to the “Liepāja 2027 Foundation” (Liepaja 2027) series of workshops aimed at empowering local organisations and creatives to boost their project development skills and provide them with fresh knowledge and out-of-the-box experiences. The first workshop will take place on Friday, 1 March, at 11.00 in the Great Amber Concert Hall and will be focused on creativity and innovation.

It will be presented by Aleksandrs Bētiņš, Creative Director of the advertising company “Not Perfect Riga”, as well as Fionn Dobbin, Creative Director of the design consultancy “Age 5” and the social enterprise “MAMMU”. Aleksandrs Bētiņš is also a board member of the Latvian Art Director Club (LADC) and a lecturer at the LADC School of Advertising. His professional experience includes several creative campaigns in Latvia, as well as various advertising projects in Vilnius and Tallinn. Whereas the portfolio of the creative consultant and innovation designer Fion Dobbin includes collaborations with more than 30 different brands, such as General Motors, BASF, and ADIDAS. His consultancy background spans more than ten years in the social business sector, having organised and produced a wide range of events and workshop formats.

The workshop is set to last four hours and will be divided into three parts: experience sharing, lectures and workshops. The event will include participatory engagements such as idea generation and evaluation, interactive brainstorming and group work using unconventional methods for boosting creativity. It aims to sharpen participants' creative thinking, encourage participatory and collaborative skills.

The workshops will be held in Latvian and English, and we will take care of the interpretation.

To apply for the (un)rest workshop series, please fill in the application query: https://epakalpojumi.liepaja.lv/lv/project/K1k3aUMzWFNPOHBXeFpWQmFub2ZtZz09/

We kindly advise you to apply before 20 February since the number of places is limited.

See you on Friday, 1 March, from 11.00 to 15.00, in the Civita Nova Hall, on 6th floor of

the Great Amber Concert Hall. The event is free of charge.

Liepāja 2027 has created a new capacity building platform – a series of workshops intended to enable organisations and people from the Creative Land of (Un)Rest (Liepāja, South Kurzeme, Kuldīga region) to upgrade their practical and theoretical knowledge and skills on project implementation in the context of the European Capital of Culture 2027 programme. We plan on holding these sessions once a month covering different topics.

Our next workshop topics and venues:

• 5 April – “Public Participation vs. Public Service” – in Grobiņa, Jūrpils Banquet Hall

• 26 April – “Interaction with the Environment” – in Liepāja, Society of the Blind

• 24 May – “Critical Self-Analysis” – in Kuldīga, Needle Factory

• 14 June – “Power and Capacity” – at the Liepāja beach

Stay tuned on the European Capital of Culture 2027 website:


We will post more information about each seminar as it happens.