We invite inhabitants to participate in the planning and shaping of Liepaja’s 400th birthday celebrations

We invite inhabitants to participate in the planning and shaping of Liepaja’s 400th birthday celebrations

In 2025 the City of Liepāja will celebrate its 400th anniversary, and we would like to invite all inhabitants to take part in this celebration and join in the planning of Liepāja’s birthday celebrations. The European Capital of Culture 2027 team is looking for your feedback on the overall concept of the celebrations, suggestions on how you would like to be involved and other proposals.

Liepāja’s 400th birthday will not be celebrated with a single event, but rather with a year-long versatile and engaging programme of activities and events.

During the year of Liepaja’s 400th anniversary, we urge everybody to explore, imagine, recall, realise and see how Liepāja and its wind-tempered locals have changed, how everybody can change their own, the city’s, and the country’s course through their personal attitude and work. Instead of focusing on the past, we call upon you to consider the future, to look towards growth and building on our strong identity.

Liepāja has always been and still remains a city of growth, change and resilience. As we approach the benchmark of Liepaja’s 400th anniversary, we wish to celebrate these qualities and the city’s strong character by paying tribute to and respecting the past, whilst confidently moving forward into the next 400 years of our Liepāja.

Bearing in mind that the European Capital of Culture 2027 is driven by (un)rest, the 400th anniversary year of Liepāja should also be celebrated through this lens, encouraging people to enjoy both restful peace and tranquillity, disconnecting from everyday hassles by attending the wide-ranging events of the 400th anniversary programme, but at the same time to arouse the unrest of creativity that has been dormant in us by offering the opportunity to take part in various public participation projects and activities, inviting us to become active and engaged rather than passive bystanders.

The Port of Liepāja has always been a safe haven for ships and boats during storms. For many seafarers and fishermen, it is the home – a place of calm and rest. It is also the place where journeys begin and end, so the port symbolises identity, comfort, and return. The port is also a gateway to the open sea, a witness to the origins of a journey or exploration and a symbol of new beginnings, opportunities, adventures.

Bringing these two together, the concept of Liepāja’s milestone anniversary year is – “The Port of (Un)Rest – Liepaja 400”.

Please take part in the creation of the celebrations by evaluating both, the current concept, and the events by filling in the questionnaire by 30 September: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfyWcINI2bfLLb4R1VoC4R8mofh4fD0867DnZTb0bAMwcEAyQ/viewform