This weekend to mark the 95th anniversary of Austra Pumpure with three concerts

This weekend to mark the 95th anniversary of Austra Pumpure with three concerts

The weekend, please join the Austrasbērni (Children of Austra) to honour the legacy of the legendary Austra Pumpure with three concerts.

On Friday, November 24th at 19:00, the power of guitar music will sound in an acoustic concert program with Ieva Akuratere, Raimonds Vazdiks, and Ilze Grunte. Whereas, songwriter Anta Eņģele will take the spotlight on Saturday, November 25th at 18:00. Cap off the weekend on Sunday, November 26th at 14:00 by attending the singing of Latvian folk songs with the Austrasbērni at the folklore centre “Namīns”.

In July of this year, Austrasbērni, a team of Austra Pumpure’s students, friends, and like-minded, gathered for a week at the Renda Culture House in Kuldīga Municipality. Together with artists Ieva Akuratere, Raimonds Vazdiks, and Ilze Grunte, the group crafted a concert program. Ieva Akuratere shared her vocal artistry insights, Ilze Grunte unravelled the intricacies of guitar playing, and Raimonds Vazdiks imparted the art of stage performance. During this creative weekend, participants not only learned songs by the mentioned songwriters and Haralds Sīmanis but also contributed their unique touch. The freshly minted concert program premiered at the “Trubadūrs” songwriters’ festival in Renda and later in Īle, Dobele region. This Friday, the program travels to Liepāja, where around 30 Austrasbērni from Liepāja, Rīga, Cesvaine, Līgatne and other locales will join in. This concert performance is a source of joy for both the audience and the participants, reflecting on beautiful summer memories and fostering a sense of shared camaraderie. The program weaves together lyrical reflections, celebrations of life, and expressions of gratitude to the Almighty. However, its essence lies in capturing the sheer joy of being and singing together. The Liepāja concerts will also include songs by the renowned Imants Kalniņš.

On Saturday, the Bertschy Hall will play host to songwriter Anta Eņģele – a captivating voice owner, referring herself as a song-teller, for primarily interpreting songs by other authors. Her repertoire spans a wide spectrum, including works by Imants Kalniņš, (just like true Austra’s child), songs from various nations and both well-known and rarely heard authors. Known for her ability to adapt to the audience, she tailors her performances to match the ambiance, creating a unique experience for each listener. She hints at the possibility of including ziņģes (a term coined from the German verb singen, “to sing”) in the upcoming Liepāja concert, a homage to Austra Pumpure’s love for Latvian melodies.

On Sunday, November 26, commemorating what would have been Austra Pumpure’s 95th birthday, Austrasbērni extends a warm invitation to a home-like sing-along at the folklore centre “Namīns”. Join in the celebration by singing your favourite Latvian songs, honouring Austra and the Austrasbērni.

Following the Liepāja events, Austrasbērni will tour to connect with audiences on December 1 at 18:00 at Augšlīgatne Culture House, December 2 at 16:00 at Cesvaine Culture House, and December 3 at 14:00 at Sēlpils Culture House.

The concert series "Austrai 95" is a joint effort by the “Austra Society”, creative space “Austra’s Room” and the concert venues. Your entry is welcomed through a donation.