The PEGASUS COURTYARD welcomes you to its first anniversary

The PEGASUS COURTYARD welcomes you to its first anniversary

The cultural and recreational venue in Liepāja "PEGAZA PAGALMS" (The Pegasus Courtyard), whose first events took place at the end of summer 2022, and whose guest rooms opened their doors in February this year, now is happy to welcome all of you to the Pegasus Festival ‘23 this weekend – on 19 August. Throughout the day, it has prepared the guests a programme that will excite all kind of visitors, should they have children or adults.

The Pegasus Festival programme will be launched at 12:00 with a performance by the Pop Rock School youngest students, led by teacher Monta Plūme.

From 13:00 everyone will have the opportunity to be henna tattooed by Laura Ditke, have their face painted by "Forest Designed" artist Katrīna Knese-Šmite, and learn to make a monkey fist knot with Ilze Vainovska.

From 14:00 to 16:00, the youngest guests will be entertained by Mārtiņš’ big soap bubble attraction, blowing all sizes of bubbles. You will definitely get to catch them, put them in your pockets and squash them with your fingers. Children will also have the opportunity to play bubble master and blow the biggest bubble of their lives.

From 16:00 to 18:00, jazz music will vibrate the Pegasus courtyard. We will enjoy the performances of the young and talented Liepāja jazzmen Emīls Knubis, Marija Rebčinska and Marts Dreļs, as well as the trumpeter Kristians Kalva, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in The Hague, who will perform together with Patrīcija Anna Doniņa, Eduards Baris, Toms Valmiers and Rūdolfs Kolerts.

At 18:00, Liepāja brewer Filips Krieviņš will talk about, show, and let you taste his passion – "hop addiction" of brewing ales, following the world trends in craft beer. He started brewing his first beers in a newly established craft brewery called PUTA Brewery from the end of 2019. These beers are also featuring a particular packaging art design, which is a pride of Filip’s teammate Elina Strelita-Strēle.

At 19:00, everyone will have the opportunity to take part in a ZUMBA fitness class with the trainer Sabīne Čirkše, adapted for those who have never done similar physical activities.

At 20:00 we will have a good laugh moment. Two of the most experienced comedians of Comedy Latvia, Jānis Kreičmanis and Kalvis Troska, will present a stand-up comedy programme. At the 2022 Latvian Comedy Award "Grābeklis", Jānis was named "Joke of the Year", while Kalvis was named "Comedian of the Year".

Jānis's comedy has always been associated with casual misfortunes and misunderstandings. Every joke Jānis tells can draw parallels in the ordinary life of a Latvian. Kalvis, on the other hand, is a master of absurd comedy. His range of jokes is endless and leaves the audience wondering – how did we end up here?

From 21:00 we will venture to a new event in Liepāja – Video Silent Disco, which is a silent event with wireless headphones. DJ Brumo with retro 70'-80'-90' music and DJ Ralph with contemporary House/EDM hits will keep the party going. Entrance fee and headphone rental – 4EUR.

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