The opening of the 117th season of Liepāja Theatre with "Alien skin"

The opening of the 117th season of Liepāja Theatre with "Alien skin"

The Liepāja Theatre opens its 117th season with the production "Svešā āda" /Alien Skin/ directed by Inga Krasovska and based on the novel "Krieva āda" /Russian Skin/ by Dace Rukšāne.

The premiere of the new play is expected on 22 September at the Liepāja Theatre's small hall in the Liepāja concert hall “Great Amber”.

Meanwhile, on 7 December, another premiere "Gaišās naktis" /Bright NIghts/ about three men imprisoned at the Liepāja Prison when they were young, will take place and is directed by Kristīne Bīriņa.

The idea to make a play came from "Radi vidi pats" association, whose members work as volunteers in the Liepāja prison.

Nine new performances will find their way to the audience this season, including "Latviešu raķetes" /Latvian Rockets/ by Regnārs Vaivars, featuring the Latvian bobsleigh traditions, as well as Dž.Dž. Džilindžers' "Merilina un es" /Marilyn and Me/.

Also in the beginning of October, on 7th and 8th, the theatre will take on a guest appearance at the Latvian National Theatre with Dž.Dž.Džilindžers’ "Līnenas teātris"/The Leenane Theatre/ and Regnārs Vaivars' Īgauņu bēres 1999" /Estonian Funeral 1999/.

Last season, the theatre staged seven new productions, which received nine nominations at the "Spēlmanis nakts" Annual Latvian Theatre Awards.