The first “Ziemosta” event will take place in Karosta on Sunday

The first “Ziemosta” event will take place in Karosta on Sunday

This Sunday, December 3rd, from 14:00 to 18:00, the first event of the Advent event series, "Ziemosta," (or the Winterly Port) kicks off at the “Awakening Garden” (Atmodas Dārzs) venue. Join us for a heartwarming charity event where the main Christmas tree of Karosta will be illuminated, casting a festive glow that welcomes everyone.

Picture the “Awakening Garden” adorned in vibrant festive hues, with the winterly holiday spirit in the crispy air. The grounds will come alive with activities and creative performances, making it a warm invitation to all residents and visitors of Liepāja.

On December 3rd, we shall paint "Ziemosta" white – a symbolic gesture representing light, goodness, and peace. We invite all attendees to incorporate this colour into their clothing or accessories, fostering a shared ambiance of unity and joy.

The event promises horse-drawn carriage rides, a Christmas market brimming with festive finds, musical performances, creative workshops, a photo booth, and yummy food and drinks. The pinnacle will arrive in the form of the first episode of the small musical and visual fairy tale, “12 Gifts for the Bear,” featuring Karīna Tatarinova, Marta Kauliņa-Pelnēna, and Mārtiņš Zālīte. And let’s not forget the joyous playtime with Santa Claus, adding the perfect touch to the event's wrap-up fun.

Witness the magic as the main Christmas tree of Karosta graces the “Awakening Garden,” continuing to spread joy throughout the winter season. The symbolic lighting ceremony will be led by the Mayor of Liepāja, Gunārs Ansiņš.

In the spirit of giving, remember that this event is a charity appeal, raising donations for the "Hope for Children" (Cerība bērniem) organization. Several activities will be available for donations, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors – Liepāja Culture Department and local companies "InCopy," "Liepājas Papīrs," "Māras Lācis," "OHM.LV," "WindUp," and the bakery "Gatvess." Please, join us in making this festive season a source of joy and goodwill for all!

The full event programme is available atākumi