Tartu launches European Capital of Culture year next week with a spectacular programme

Tartu launches European Capital of Culture year next week with a spectacular programme

Tartu and the Region of Southern Estonia are on the cusp of revealing their European Capital of Culture Year on January 26. The commencement will be marked by the spectacular performance “All Becomes One!” at 19.00, set against the backdrop of the Emajõgi River in the heart of Tartu. The event will also be broadcasted live.

This inaugural celebration by the Emajõgi River signals the initiation of Tartu and Southern Estonia’s European Capital of Culture program, featuring an opulent lineup of over 1000 cultural events. More than 100 artists will star in “All Becomes One!”, including Estonia’s top "Trad.Attack!" and Sander Mölder, alongside actors and dancers.

“Comparable to the grandeur of Olympic Games opening ceremonies, “All Becomes One!” is a unique, grand-scale production tailored for all age groups. Unprecedented in Tartu, the performance aims to showcase the city’s originality and its commitment to embracing European culture”, Kati Torp, Artistic Director of Tartu 2024, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “It will illustrate our originality and openness to Europe as Tartu and Southern Estonia.”

The opening day on January 26 promises vibrant festivities in Tartu, commencing at 10.00 with a delightful disco at Club Illusion for kindergartners and their parents. DJ Maido Möls will set the musical stage, accompanied by Dance Camp dancers Britt Kõrsmaa, Märt Agu, and Oliver Soomets, imparting their dance expertise to the little ones.

As the day progresses, the celebration takes an electronic turn at Tartu Town Hall Square from 15.00. An extraordinary stage will host performances by Púr Múdd, Merimell, YASMYN, Rozell, Eleryn Tiit, Inga Tislar, Kersten Kõrge, and Robert Kähr.

Following the opening ceremony at 20.30, a lively street procession will lead revellers to an open-air rave at the Estonian National Museum. The highlight of the night is the headlining act by the legendary UK D&B artists SIGMA, coinciding with the release of their new album “London Sound.” Joining the lineup are Emily Makis & Hi-Phi (UK), Estonian Minister of Culture Heidy Purga, Sound in Noise (Eero Muiste), and OLIVAR (Rene Oliver Muiste), setting up for a night of non-stop dancing until the early hours of the morning.

The stage for the nights is set at the Estonian National Museum starting at 21.00, where a special light show awaits guests. The DJ line-up, representing different decades, includes Eiki Nestor, Peeter Volkonski, Jüri Makarov, Heivi Saaremets, Paul Oja, Hannalisa Uusma, and Micaela S. The museum doors will remain open, allowing attendees to be the first to explore the captivating exhibition “Who Claims the Night?”

You can follow the celebration online as the Tartu 2024 website will broadcast the live performance of “All Becomes One!” from the opening ceremony, starting at 19.00. The Tartu 2024 opening programme and more information is available here.

Tartu 2024 stands as a highly anticipated cultural event in Estonia, engaging a quarter of the country in its organization. The overarching theme, “Arts of Survival,” embodies knowledge, skills, and values guiding towards a better future. Emphasizing sustainability, co-creation, local uniqueness, science, and technology, the program will unfold through more than 1000 events throughout the year.