Second Culture Project Call Funding Nominated

Second Culture Project Call Funding Nominated

Sixteen applications for the second Culture Project Call have been approved by the jury. This call had a total of 21 applications. The project implementation deadline is 29 February 2024. Most of the projects targeted music and dance sectors, followed by interdisciplinary projects, visual arts projects and one each for literature, theatre, film, design, and architecture.

The main evaluation criteria or priorities of the second call were equally to contribute to the development of a modern and intellectual culture environment in Liepāja, to offer new and innovative culture ideas in the city resonant and unique in Latvia and internationally, to provide quality and diversity of cultural events, development of traditional and contemporary culture, and to encourage local residents to take part in the cultural life of Liepāja.Projects were reviewed by a jury chaired by Nauris Lazdāns, Deputy Head of the Liepāja Culture Department.

The jury panel included head of the Liepaja 17th -19th centuries Interior Museum “Madame Hoyer’s Guest house” Ieva Dzintare,  Board Chair of Liepāja Theatre Herberts Laukšteins, Head of the “Liepāja – European Capital of Culture 2027” project Inta Šoriņa, writer Jana Rūce, entrepreneur, co-author and project manager of “Julianna Courtyard” and a Head of the “Peldmāja” Zane Sauka, Head of Marketing and Communication of Liepāja Symphony Orchestra Dzintars Hmieļevskis and Ilze Balode, who is the conductor of the Choir “Laiks”.Only events or activities intended to be implemented in Liepāja, which would bring significant public benefit to the city, were eligible to apply for the Culture Project Call. Quality of the projects, concept and diversity of cultural events, development of traditional and contemporary culture and other criteria were the key aspects of the project evaluation.

We will keep you informed when the funded projects will take place at

.Below you can find the list of projects to be funded in the amount indicated:

1. Association “ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education” “New Media Art Festival “UPDATE 2023”” 4000 EUR

2. Culture Development Association “Tapala lapa” “Liepāja stage of contemporary and experimental music concert series “Sound Algorithm”” 3350 EUR

3. SIA “Treez”, Ltd. “Fossil” 4000 EUR

4. SIA “Liepaja Music”, Ltd. “Out of the Frame Event Series” 2700 EUR

5. Liepaja Open Public Foundation “Liepaja Theatre” “Further development of Liepaja Radio Theatre in 2023” 4000 EUR

6. SIA “Māras Lācis”, Ltd. “Ziemosta” /WinterPort/ 3950 EUR

7. Association “ART+” “Digital Art in Liepāja: ART+” 2600 EUR

8. Liepāja Chapter of the Austras Association “Concert Series AUSTRAI – 95” 4000 EUR

9. Association “Baringtons K2” “Autumnal inTONES in Karosta” 3550 EUR

10. Liepāja Chapter of the Austras Association “Music Album “CANDLE SONG”” 2000 EUR

11. Movie studio SIA “Filmu studija Grauba”, Ltd “Fiction movie “In search of the city where the wind is born” project”” 3000 EUR

12. Association “House of Hope'” “Creativity Not Criminality – Create not destroy” 2750 EUR

13. IK “CITI PUTNI” “Creation of a video for the song “LIEPĀJAI”” 3000 EUR

14. SIA “WIKTORIJA”, Ltd. “Kartupeļpalma / 4 Vējiem līdzi” 2600 EUR

15. SIA “LOVE”, Ltd. “Jazz Valhalla” 3000 EUR

16. Association “UniPrizma” “Poetry afternoon of composer Agris Engelmanis” 1500 EUR‍