Sculptor Egons Peršēvics will address the audience on the role of art in the national economy

Sculptor Egons Peršēvics will address the audience on the role of art in the national economy

On two consecutive Sundays – 21 and 28 May at 14:00, sculptor Egons Peršēvics will hold a discussion about art during which you will have the opportunity to have a closer look at the sculptures and the process of their creation.

The artist’s personal exhibition “Beautiful Things and Other Ugliness” of large-scale artworks will be opened to public at the Jūrmala Museum until 28 May. The exhibition features his most outstanding works, conceptually tackling uncomfortable societal topics.

“I’m joking about the national economy, the story will definitely focus on art. You will learn about the making of my works and the underlying processes, from the idea to the moment the finished sculpture meets the public,” says sculptor Egons Peršēvics.

The artist has promised to share the story behind each of the artworks in the exhibition, pointing out interesting details that might escape the viewer’s eye. He will explain the difference between the way an artwork is seen by a theoretician scholar and the way it is seen by a practising artist.

Everyone will become a participant in the study of how art is seen by the viewer, as this exhibition is part of the artist’s doctoral research on art as an expression of language. For the purposes of the research, art is seen as a conversation, where one of the conversation partners, the artist, tries to communicate his thoughts to the other, the viewer.

The event is free of charge, however, the number of places is limited, so the artist asks those interested to apply by filling in the online application form.

As a reminder, the sculptor Egons Peršēvics’ exhibition “Beautiful Things and Other Ugliness” is the capstone event of his doctoral studies, displaying most of the artworks created in the context of his practical doctoral research. He perceives art as a scientific domain dealing with the re-evaluation of cultural values, and his own sculptures are his experiments and scientific tractates.

Most of the exhibited works are designed as public space objects, addressing deeply charged political issues such as ecology, gender equality, various forms of discrimination and the idea of freedom with a slight irony.

Earlier this year, sculptor, and future PhD Egons Peršēvics received the Latvian Public Media Award for Culture “Kilograms kultūras” for his artist residency project at the Karosta Water Supply Tower. He is an experienced teacher with more than 10 years of professional career, currently teaching at both the Art Academy of Latvia and the Liepāja Music, Art, and Design High School. His most popular works include “Ghost Horse” at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Milda sitting in lotus pose, the Karosta Mermaid once floating in the sea at Liepāja’s Northern Breakwater, as well as a sculpture named “Kidnapping of the Sea Mother” and several others.

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