Results of the Culture Projects Competition

Results of the Culture Projects Competition

The Liepāja Culture Projects Competition has announced the recipients of its 2024 funding, selecting 17 projects from a pool of 63 applications. This year’s support covers a range of proposals, encompassing concerts, exhibitions, publications, masterclasses, and art-tech ventures. The projects were evaluated by a panel of seven professionals. The implementation timeframe for these projects is from 1 March 2024 to 28 February 2025.

A jury of experts evaluated the applications, led by Nauris Lazdāns, Deputy Head of the Liepāja Culture Department. The panel comprised established figures like Alda Škubura, design artist of the Liepāja Museum, Laura Jeruma, actress at Liepāja Theatre, Maija Jankovska, Head of Community Outreach of the Foundation Liepāja 2027, Dr. philol., Anda Kuduma, Associate Professor at the University of Liepāja, Agita Ansule, Head Designer at Liepāja City Construction Department, and Orestis Silabriedis, Art Director at the Liepāja Great Amber Concert Hall, ensuring a comprehensive and informed selection process.

As every year, the 2024 winning projects prioritize several key criteria, including accessibility and modernity and contributing to an open and intellectually stimulating cultural environments for all, encouraging the participation of various resident groups in cultural activities, embracing new and unique approaches to cultural expression, offering educational experiences, and promoting Liepāja’s cultural assets on both local and international stages. The selected projects boast an exciting variety, promising to bring fresh perspectives and vibrant experiences to Liepāja's residents and visitors.

Consideration was taken whether the project provides a local and international level educational venture within culture and creative industries, whether the project will explore the cultural and artistic space of Liepāja and promote the cultural and artistic values of Liepāja both locally and internationally.

List of supported projects (sorted by applicant, project name, funding awarded):

• Via Cultura Foundation, "Publication of the collection of poems "Briesmīgā Ābece" (Terrible ABC) by Varis Siliņš", 2300 EUR

• Association "ASTE. Art, Science, Technology, Education", "UPDATE Art and Technology Festival", 4000 EUR

• JSC "Latvijas Mediji", "Liepāja Coastal Sensation in Gunta Šnipke’s poetry collection "Kā"" (How), 2200 EUR

• LIEPĀJA RESTORATION CENTRE Ltd, "International restoration masterclass series KNOW / APPRECIATE/ PRESERVE. season 3", 3500 EUR

• ART+ Association, "ART+ Augmented Reality Art Gallery", 3500 EUR

• JSC "Latvijas Mediji", "Publication of the book for teenagers "TIK TRAKI JAU NAV" (NOT THAT BAD AFTER ALL) by Līva Vecvagare", 2000 EUR

• Austra’s Society, "Creation of an exhibition dedicated to Austra Pumpure", 3300 EUR;

• Culture Association SPEKTRS, "2nd phase of the Hammond organ restoration and five concerts", 3500 EUR

• Aminori Ltd, "Publication of a book of Andra Manfelde’s poems "Dilstošais medus mēnesis" (Descending Honeymoon), audio recording of the poetry readings and book launch events in Liepāja and Rīga", 1300 EUR

• Cultural Development Association "Tapala lapa", "Music, Art and Contemporary Theatre Festival "ziedonis Ūdenstornī"" (Blossom in the Water Tower), 4000 EUR;

• Liepaja Music Ltd, "Liepāja on the Wings MMXXIV", 3000 EUR

• Association "Liepāja 400", "Augmented reality development for the photo album "A Walk Through Beautiful Liepāja", 1600 EUR

• E-LAB, Electronic Art, and Media Centre, "Sound Days 2024", 3000 EUR

• PARKA PAVILJONS SIA, "Concerts on the Park Pavilion's Summer Terrace 2024", 2500 EUR

• Liepāja Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Parish, "ORGAN MUSIC SUMMER "MUSIC FOR THE TEMPLE – 2024" Eight Thousand Pipes ...", 3900 EUR

• JSC "Latvijas Mediji", "A Hedgehog Born in Liepāja: Adventures of PUKSĪTIS in the stories of Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce and Sandis Pēcis", 2400 EUR

• Latvian Germanist Association, "Liepāja in the Reflection of the Baltic Germans’ Cultural Heritage", 4000 EUR.