Residents of the Ziemeļu residential district are invited to a meeting with the Chairman of the Liepāja City Council

Residents of the Ziemeļu residential district are invited to a meeting with the Chairman of the Liepāja City Council

Following the series of face-to-face and online conversations in Liepāja residential districts, on 27 November at 18.00 residents of the Ziemeļu residential district are welcome to meet with the Chairman of the Liepāja City Council Gunārs Ansiņš. The venue of the meeting will be the Liepāja State Technical School Museum, on Vānes iela 4, Liepāja. The meeting is an opportunity to exchange the views with the mayor on topical questions and get a firsthand information on current developments of the city.

The Ziemeļu residential district also known as Lauma district, is the second largest residential district in Liepāja in terms of population, being a home to about 21% of the total population of Liepāja (15 715 inhabitants). The district was largely given its present form in the 1970s, when the construction of the textile manufacturer “Lauma” was followed by the construction of a housing area in the immediate vicinity of the factory.

“Reflecting on the past 50 years since the 1970s, the Lauma district has evolved amidst changing times, yet some challenges persist. The proximity of the port brings dust concerns, green spaces are still lacking, and there's a pressing need for a traffic bridge to seamlessly connect with the city centre. Ongoing initiatives, such as the reconstruction of O. Kalpaka Street, the establishment of bicycle lanes, asphalting gravel streets, and the reform of the school network, are also on our agenda. I would like to invite residents to a discussion on these and other topics that Liepāja residents care about,” said Gunārs Ansiņš, Chairman of the Liepāja City Council.

During the conversation, Gunārs Ansiņš will inform about the priorities of the City of Liepāja and the most important development projects, paying particular attention to the activities and questions concerning the Ziemeļu residential district. This conversation is an open forum for everyone to participate, ask questions, and contribute to the discussions. If you want your voice to be heard, you are also welcome to send your questions in advance to or

Such discussions with the mayor occur quarterly, providing regular opportunities for residents to connect and converse. In previous sessions, the mayor engaged with residents in the Ezerkrasts, Karosta, and Vecliepāja residential districts.