Reconstruction of the Karosta Prison Museum begins

Reconstruction of the Karosta Prison Museum begins

The initiation of the Karosta Prison Museum’s reconstruction commenced in 2023, supported by the Liepāja municipal administration’s NGO project competition. The initial phase of the project, already completed, focused on the refurbishment of two exhibitions.

Recognized for its diverse programs such as performances, closed-room experiences, overnight stays, and guided prison tours, Karosta Prison attracts numerous visitors. The Karosta Prison Museum, established in 2005 and comprised of various private collections and donations, is a rich resource. However, during the guided tours, visitors often have limited time to explore the museum fully. As part of the ongoing project, the Karosta Prison Museum has been redesigned to allow individual exploration post-guided tours. This modification enables visitors to dedicate as much time as they desire to the exhibitions.

The first phase of the project has given rise to two new curated exhibitions – the Warden’s Office and the Military Collections, contributing to the overarching story of Karosta Prison, providing fresh insights and information for visitors. The guided tours of Karosta Prison will now offer a more comprehensive experience.

Looking ahead to 2024, the project is set to continue with the establishment of an exhibition on the history of Karosta Prison and a civil protection display, in collaboration with specialists from the Latvian War Museum.

In spring, local Liepāja schoolchildren are invited to participate in free excursions and interactive lessons at the revamped museum.