Project Proposals Call is now Open for Engaging Public Activities on Europe Day – 9 May

Project Proposals Call is now Open for Engaging Public Activities on Europe Day – 9 May

To foster civic engagement through diverse cultural experiences, the Liepāja 2027 Foundation announces a call for proposals for the organization of engaging activities on Europe Day, celebrated annually on May 9th.

“Across Europe, 9 May is a day of widespread celebration, commemorating peace, and unity amongst European nations. The Liepāja 2027 team is eager to contribute to these festivities and, alongside the residents of Liepāja and neighbouring municipalities, orchestrate an effervescent mix of participatory initiatives. This project competition aims to empower residents through culturally enriching events, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and shared responsibility for our local communities, cities, and the wider European region. Ultimately, we all have the agency to effect positive change,” said Maija Jankovska, the Liepāja 2027 Community Outreach Manager.

The spectrum of potential projects is extensive, encompassing plays, performances, musical concerts, literary readings, and other creative expressions. Active participation by the attendees is imperative.

A total of 10 135 euros is allocated for these projects, with each selected proposal receiving a maximum grant of 2027 euros. This initiative will culminate in five distinct activities held on Europe Day: three within Liepāja, one in the South Kurzeme Region, and another in the Kuldīga Region.

To cultivate a vibrant cultural tapestry woven into the very fabric of Liepāja’s diverse neighbourhoods, projects will prioritize areas with a lower frequency of cultural events, ensuring these communities, where many residents reside, are not left on the periphery of artistic expression. In the South Kurzeme and Kuldīga regions, projects will have the flexibility to flourish throughout their respective territories.

This call for proposals welcomes applications from both individuals and organizations. Individuals may include artists of various disciplines (visual arts, performing arts, design, architecture, literature, cinema, etc.), cultural event organizers, scientists, researchers, activists, chefs, game designers, inventors, and so on. Whereas organizations may be represented by cultural institutions, associations, and companies working in the creative industries

The deadline for submitting proposals is 22 March 2024, and projects must be carried out by 9 May this year.

Detailed guidelines and application forms can be found here (in Latvian):

In addition to the five events that will be supported by the call for proposals, other creative activities organized by Liepāja 2027 to celebrate Europe Day will take place on 9 May:

At 18:00, across the creative landscape of (un)rest – encompassing Liepāja's neighbourhoods, the towns of South Kurzeme, and Kuldīga – sails will be raised. These symbolic flags represent our collective voyage towards 2027, the year Liepāja dons the mantle of European Capital of Culture. All are invited to contribute to the sail designs, fostering a unique emblem that reflects the spirit and character of their specific neighbourhood, parish, or town. Stay tuned for further details about this collaborative sail campaign!

On 9 May, an exhibition of works by students of the Liepāja Music, Art and Design High School will open in several shop windows in Liepāja, featuring young people’s interpretations of the theme of (un)rest.

The project competition is co-financed by the Liepaja City Municipality, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, and the Creative Europe project “CreArt 3.0 #STRINGING_TOGETHER” of the European Union.

About Europe Day:

Europe Day is celebrated across Europe on 9 May with a diverse and wide range of events dedicated to peace and unity. It marks the anniversary of the historic Schuman Declaration. In his declaration, Schuman set out the idea of establishing a new form of political cooperation in Europe that would make war between European nations unthinkable. Schuman’s proposal is considered to be the origin of the current European Union.