Please join us for a public meeting on Liepāja's 400th birthday celebrations

Please join us for a public meeting on Liepāja's 400th birthday celebrations

The Foundation “Liepaja 2027 Foundation” and the Chairman of the Liepāja City Council Gunārs Ansiņš invite you to a public meeting on Tuesday, 17 October at 18.00 in the new Liepāja Music, Art, and Design High School Exhibition Hall, at Alejas Street 18, to continue the preparations for the 400th anniversary of Liepāja. The team will present survey data with people’s proposals for the city’s birthday celebrations, as well as together with inhabitants continue the planning process for the anniversary year.

In 2025, the City of Liepāja will celebrate its 400th anniversary. In September, we encouraged all residents to take part in the celebrations and join in the planning of Liepāja’s birthday. People had an opportunity to fill in questionnaires with their proposals for the celebrations, to share their ideas about the right events to mark the occasion, and to submit other suggestions.

Altogether, we received several hundred different suggestions. So, now we will introduce them to the wider public, and will be happy to listen and also discuss the proposals that you might give us in person, in addition to presenting the results of the survey.

Given that the motto of the European Capital of Culture 2027 is (un)rest, the 400th anniversary year of Liepāja will also feature this prism through encouraging people to enjoy both rest and unrest – to unplug from their daily concerns by attending the events of the ambitious 400th anniversary programme, and to awaken the dormant spirit of creative unrest, offering the opportunity to participate in various public participation projects and activities, to become not passive observers, but to actively engage and take action.

We shall celebrate the 400th anniversary of Liepāja with diverse and participatory events throughout the year, encompassing a number of programme phases and activities.