Participate in the Liepāja Culture Award 2023 Voting

Participate in the Liepāja Culture Award 2023 Voting

This week, from January 23 to January 28, take an opportunity to cast your vote for the events contending for the Liepāja Culture Award.

A total of 34 events have been shortlisted out of 38 submitted applications, each vying for recognition in cultural excellence. To vote for your favourite event, visit

and use the municipality’s e-voting tool. Click on the link provided here, and after registration on the portal (using Smart-ID, eID, or other specified authentication tools), navigate to the “Polls” (Aptaujas) section. Choose your preferred event from the displayed list and make your selection.

This year marks the thirteenth edition of the Liepāja Culture Award, celebrating outstanding events, activities, and achievements. Alongside the public vote, a jury will assess the candidates, ultimately selecting nine winners. The award ceremony is scheduled for February 29, where the victors will be publicly announced.

Liepāja Culture Award 2023 Nominees for jury and Public Vote:

1. Jana Egle recognized for significant contributions to Latvian literature, including the poetry collection “Ledus debesis” and the prose collection “Latvju pacients,” along with translations, lyrics, and other literary works;

2. Liepāja Education Department acknowledged for establishing the digital production laboratory “FabLab Liepāja,” fostering a thriving creativity and innovation ecosystem locally, nationally, and internationally;

3. “Liepāja 400” Association commended for publishing the first augmented reality photo album in Latvia “A Walk Through Beautiful Liepāja. Prosperity”;

4. Raitis Pavlovičs and “Vinilkoks” applauded for creating and exhibiting “Works of Composer Raimonds Pauls in Records and Photographs,” in Latvian exhibition halls;

5. Karosta Rescue Society honoured for organizing the event “Father’s Day in Liepāja”;

6. Andra Manfelde celebrated for the literary contributions with the books „Poēma ar mammu” un „Vai mamma mājās?”;

7. Matīss Budovskis acclaimed for the directorial debut in professional theatre with the play “Song Festival” at Liepāja Theatre;

8. Latvian Designers” Union recognized for curating the exhibition “Silent Natures. ReEx2023”;

9. Liepaja Museum applauded for the exhibition "A Moment Before. Wedding Dresses, early 19th--20th century”;

10. Džēna Barbara Kuplis acknowledged for the book "Jērs un lauva Rimbenieks" – a profound reflection on the esteemed statesman and former mayor of Liepāja, Ēvalds Rimbenieks;

11. Elmārs Seņkovs and Liepāja Theatre commended for the director Elmārs Seņkovs’ trilogy “Shakespeare,” “Grimms,” and “Greeks”;

12. Herberts Laukšteins recognized for his enduring dedication to the running and development of Liepāja Theatre;

13. Egons Peršēvics applauded for establishing an artist residency in the Karosta Water Supply Tower;

14. “Šarmants” Ltd. celebrated for creating a positive cultural image of Liepāja and organizing unique events to introduce the city to foreign visitors;

15. “Lielais Dzintars” Ltd. honoured for implementing the international project “CirqueMusique,” promoting contemporary music and circus to young audiences in Liepāja and other regions;

16. “REKU” Ltd. applauded for organizing the “2nd Latvian Music Gala Concert”;

17. Jānis Ivuškāns recognized for his creative contributions in 2023 as a conductor, song arranger, and trumpet soloist in Song and Dance Festival and Latvian Music Gala Concert;

18. “Kurzemes Vārds” Ltd. applauded for the sensational preservation of the architectural heritage of Paul Max Bertschy in the landscape of the Seaside Park;

19. “Baringtons K2” commended for the academic music concert series “Karosta Autumn Sounds” in the Karosta Chamber Hall;

20. Anna Priedola acknowledged for the exhibition “Milk Diaries. Dementia in Statistics and Stories,” offering a poignant narrative on ageing, loneliness, dementia and changes in family relationships when confronted with these natural life processes;

21. Liepāja Folk Art and Culture Centre honoured for the concert "Saules pielijuši" on November 11 at the Great Amber Concert Hall;

22. Liepāja Folk Art and Culture Centre recognized for their coordination of 35 collectives, ensuring Liepaja’s stellar representation at the XXVII Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival;

23. MIKC Liepāja Music, Art and Design High School commended for the visually captivating exhibition "DESIGNING," narrating the encounter between an experienced craftsman and an aspiring designer;

24. Association for Cultural Development "Tapala lapa" applauded for the mono-performance "Hamlet," the premiere of "Balinātava," and the avant-garde concert "Sound Algorithmics" in Liepāja;

25. Liepāja Museum acknowledged for hosting the conference “The Viability of Wooden Architecture in the Contemporary Urban Environment”;

26. Liepaja Music Ltd. celebrated for fostering innovation in cultural content at the "Pegasus Courtyard," including the series “Out of the Frame”, flash-exhibitions like “Source of Creativity and Inspiration”, “Pegasus Fest”, “To sprout like grass through asphalt”;

27. “Lielais Dzintars” Ltd. applauded for the concept and implementation of the Latvia’s 105th Anniversary Concert in Liepāja, captivating audiences both locally and internationally;

28. Kristīne Brīniņa commended for staging an inclusive and socially resonant performance in collaboration with residents, emphasizing themes of social responsibility and compassion;

29. Harijs Ločmelis recognized for orchestrating the “Jazz Valhalla” concerts, breathing new life into the jazz culture and tradition in Liepāja;

30. “Māras Lācis” Ltd. applauded for orchestrating the enchanting Advent event “Ziemosta”;

31. MIKC Liepāja Music, Art and Design High School commended for the implementation of the “Music + Art + Design Synergy Jam Session”;

32. State Enterprise “Liepāja Symphony Orchestra” honoured for consistently delivering exceptional performances throughout 2023, enhancing Liepaja’s cultural reputation;

33. MIKC Liepāja Music, Art and Design High School acclaimed for the organization of the annual concert "Light";

34. Liepaja Education Department (Science and Education Innovation Centre) recognized for successfully pioneering the concept of Science Theatre concept in Liepāja.