Over 50 applications received for Liepāja Puppet Theatre competition

Over 50 applications received for Liepāja Puppet Theatre competition

The call for original plays and production concepts by Liepāja Puppet Theatre has sparked an overwhelming response, with fifty-five applications received. This remarkable interest spans across more than fifteen countries, encompassing playwrights and theatre practitioners, from budding talents to seasoned stage veterans.

By casting a wide net with an international call for submissions, the theatre has garnered lots of fresh perspectives on puppetry, showcasing a spectrum of themes and concepts. This initiative not only fosters artistic exchange but also drives innovation within the realm of puppet theatre.

Edgars Niklasons, Artistic Director of Liepāja Puppet Theatre, elaborates on the inclusive nature of the competition: “We didn’t confine ourselves to soliciting original dramaturgy alone; we extended invitations for both dramaturgical and production ideas. This approach welcomes contributions from a spectrum of creative minds, including directors, choreographers, set designers, and other artistic practitioners active in the field.”

Reflecting on the overwhelming response, Niklasons expresses satisfaction with the global reach and diverse expertise demonstrated by the applicants. “The broad geographical representation and multifaceted experience underscore the widespread appeal of puppet theatre and the robustness of the artistic community within this genre,” he notes.

“As the theatre now embarks on the task of evaluating submissions, I would underscore the weighty responsibility to curate the best ideas and collaborate with selected artists to bring their visions to life on the Liepāja Puppet Theatre and festival stages in the forthcoming seasons.”

Between January 16 and February 29, 2024, Liepāja Puppet Theatre received applications from fifty artists representing a plethora of countries, including Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Italy, USA, UK, Brazil, China, Poland, Egypt, Iran, Iceland, and the Netherlands.

Among the fifty-five submissions, twenty-six propose original dramaturgy, while twenty-nine offer production ideas. The diverse pool of applicants spans playwrights, directors, actors, writers, circus artists, choreographers, and performance artists, encompassing both experienced practitioners and aspiring newcomers to the puppet theatre realm.