Open competition for Liepāja Theatre Board Members is announced

Open competition for Liepāja Theatre Board Members is announced

Liepāja City Municipality has unveiled an open competition for two board positions within SIA “Liepājas teātris” Ltd. The theatre is in search of a board member to oversee Arts-related affairs and another board member to manage Administrative and Economic matters.

Prospective candidates vying for the role of Board Member for Arts should possess an in-depth comprehension of the performing arts, a track record in managing performing arts productions, a strong grasp of performance budgeting, familiarity with the professional theatre landscape both nationally and internationally and fulfil additional requisites. The remuneration for this position is set at EUR 2950 per month.

The Administrative and Economic Board member is expected to possess expertise in financial management, corporate governance, including risk assessment and management, financial resource planning, proficiency in real estate management, a deep understanding of procurement processes, and a keen awareness of implementing the organizational business strategy, among other professional competencies. The monthly salary for this position is established at EUR 2,375.

List of requirements for applicants is available here:

Applications are to be submitted until 24 November 2023 (incl.) using electronic signature and sent to the following e-mail address:, or in person in a sealed envelope marked "For the position of Board Member of the SIA "Liepājas teātris", at the Client Service Centre of the Liepāja Central Administration (1st floor), Rožu Street 6, Liepāja.

The recruitment process will encompass three distinct phases. Candidates who advance to the second round will be invited for a personal interview. Those who progress to the third round will be tasked with creating and presenting to the recruitment panel an evidence-based strategic vision for the future five years of SIA “Liepājas teātris” Ltd. This presentation should outline key priorities, propose strategies for their realization, and present potential solutions for both artistic and economic facets of the organization. The document, limited to a maximum of 5 A4 pages, along with the presentation, which should not exceed 15 minutes, will serve as the basis for assessment.

To carry out the recruitment procedure for the Board members of the Liepāja Theatre, there has been set up a nomination commission for the recruitment of the Board members. The applicants will be evaluated by seven commission members: Timurs Tomsons, Chairman of the Board of the SIA “Lielais Dzintars” Ltd, Zane Kreicberga, Chair of the Theatre Council, Professor of the Latvian Academy of Culture, Ojārs Rubenis, Chairman of the Latvian Theatre Employees Union, Mārtiņš Eihe, Head of the Latvian Puppet Theatre and director, Juris Jirgens, Head of the Liepāja City Municipal Culture Department,  Oksana Luce, Head of the Liepāja Municipality Central Administration’s Audit Department, and Aija Nelsone, Head of the Liepāja Municipality Central Administration’s Personnel Department.

As already announced, an interim Management Board had to be appointed due to the expiry of the term of office of the previous members of the Board – Eva Ciekurze and Herberts Laukšteins, which was on 3 September, while Herberts Laukšteins withdrew his candidacy for the position of a member of the interim Board. The Shareholders’ Meeting agreed to appoint Eva Ciekurze, a former Board member of Liepāja Theatre, and Timurs Tomsons, Chairman of the Board of the SIA "Lielais Dzintars" Ltd, as interim Board members until a new Board is appointed by the shareholder as a result of the public competition.

Liepāja Theatre is the oldest Latvian professional theatre founded in 1907. The theatre has been known by different names over the years, and has had its present name since 1998, when Liepāja City Municipality became the sole owner of the SIA “Liepājas teātris” Ltd.