One-Day Festival at the Historic Karosta Water Supply Tower

One-Day Festival at the Historic Karosta Water Supply Tower

A unique one-day festival awaits art, music, and theatre enthusiasts in Liepāja, titled "Blossom in the Water Tower" festival, organized by the Culture Development Association "Tapala lapa" and Varis Klausītājs, Lote Vilma Vītiņa, Artūrs Čukurs, Ansis Bētiņš and Ēriks VIlsons,  in collaboration with Liepāja Water Supply Company "Liepājas Ūdens”. It will take place on May 4th, 2024, at the historic Karosta Water Supply Tower.

“This festival offers a captivating blend of artistic experiences within the stunning confines of the nearly 120-year-old Karosta Water Supply Tower. We, recognizing the tower's cultural significance and vulnerability to time's passage, aim to raise awareness of this architectural gem” says Ivonda Vilsone, the festival’s organizer and author of the idea.

The festival boasts a diverse program featuring three captivating events, including "Warm Drawing" by the Drawing Theatre, which is an interactive performance, ideal for parents and children aged 5 and above, invites audience participation. Artist Lote Vītiņa will weave a narrative through ink on a large canvas, guided by the storyteller Varis Klausītājs and the creative energy of the young audience. Also, monodrāma "My Magadan" by actor and director Ēriks Vilsons, who presents his personal introspection into historical events from his own experience, weaving together themes of exile, totalitarianism, family, self-discovery, and the search for identity. The festival culminates with a premiere by the vocal duo A. Bētiņš and A. Čukurs. Their program, "Slavic Folk Songs. Spring," celebrates the spring solstice with a focus on Ukrainian folklore, featuring a vibrant rainbow of songs and chants from various Slavic nations.

The doors of the Karosta Water Supply Tower will be open throughout the day, allowing visitors to freely experience the tower's unique architecture, acoustics, and atmosphere.  However, due to safety considerations, capacity for the theatre performances and concert is limited.  Registration for these events will open one week prior to the festival.  Stay tuned to media announcements and the "Tapala lapa" Facebook page for registration details.

"The Karosta Water Supply Tower embodies the spirit of our city, its aspirations and history," reflects Ēriks Vilsons, co-creator of the festival.  He invites visitors to experience a unique energy within this transformed space: "the energy of our thoughts, flowing where water used to flow."  With this festival, "Tapala lapa" celebrates the arrival of spring and the blossoming of creativity.

The Culture Development Association "Tapala lapa" extends its sincere gratitude to the Liepāja Culture Department for supporting the event. The Association is dedicated to fostering cultural growth in Latvia.  They strive to raise awareness of the richness of contemporary culture and its historical significance.  Furthermore, they actively support young artists, writers, and musicians by organizing educational and cultural projects, creating theatre performances, workshops, and masterclasses.  Entrance to the "Blossom in the Water Tower" festival is free.