Nominate Your Candidate for the Liepāja Culture Award

Nominate Your Candidate for the Liepāja Culture Award

Until 21 January, we extend a warm invitation to Liepāja residents and attendees of city events or cultural venues to put forth their nominees for the Liepāja Culture Award. Any cultural event conducted or created in 2023 is eligible for consideration.

As is tradition, nominations can encompass both natural and legal persons. However, nominees should be accompanied by a comprehensive description and substantiating evidence, including but not limited to diplomas, honorary certificates, media publications, etc. Whether a collective or individual achievement, a public event, or a transformative process, the nominated endeavour should resonate as a creative asset benefiting the residents and visitors of Liepāja, while elevating the city's positive image on local, European, or global platforms. Cultural event organizers are also welcome to submit their own applications for consideration.

The Liepāja Culture Award comprises ten distinctions, with nine to be conferred by a jury following an evaluation of submissions. The tenth award will be determined through a popular vote, open to all interested of the event, visitors, and cultural connoisseurs. The poll, taking place from January 23rd to 27th, offers each voter the chance to cast a daily vote for one of the candidates.

In the previous year, a total of 33 candidates earned nominations from both the jury and the residents of Liepāja. This year marks the thirteenth edition of the Liepāja Culture Award, with the grand ceremony scheduled for February 29th.

The primary objective of this award is to spotlight and acknowledge cultural events and personalities that have significantly enriched Liepāja’s cultural life and profile. Additionally, the award seeks to recognize and celebrate innovative creative concepts within Liepāja's cultural sphere.

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