New artworks in Liepāja added to augmented reality platform ART+

New artworks in Liepāja added to augmented reality platform ART+

The ART+ platform continues the buildup of augmented reality works in Liepāja with the addition of eight new artworks across locations such as Karosta, Seaside Park, and downtown areas. These images, available on the mobile app and website, seamlessly blend 3D with historical evidence, data visualizations, and contemporary reflections by artists.

ART+ users can explore the city through their mobile devices, immersing in augmented reality through 3D visualizations and interactive works strategically placed on the map. By downloading the ART+ app, viewers can access these digital works and navigate to the specific locations, experiencing the artwork 'through' their phone or tablet screens.

Augmented reality serves as a transformative tool for artists, allowing them to craft unreal images, interactive pieces, sound art, and large-scale sculptures that defy traditional boundaries. Among the additions in Karosta are a 3D model of the KOD-1 aircraft, whose production was linked to the Liepāja Naval Port workshop from 1936 to 1938, a cannon from the 19th century in the 3rd Liepāja Fortress Battery. Also, sound artist Krista Dintere paid homage to Liepāja's old tramcars, creating an auditory tribute near the Northern Breakwater's stationed tram. The renowned Karosta Crooked Pine, lost to coastal storms, is resurrected in digital form. A 3D model of the bridge, depicted as a keyring, is displayed next to the Karosta Bridge, encouraging reflections on tourism, Liepāja's iconic symbols, their meaning and history.

Liepāja Seaside Park introduces an interactive work by Kaspars Lēvalds, featuring a model of the industrial robot "UNIMATE" that reflects on the impact of artificial intelligence on creative industries and daily life.

In front of shopping centre "Kurzeme," a visual representation of Anna Priedola's research, crafted by 3D artist Santa France, showcases recipes for "mental well-being" collected from visitors' stories during her exhibition and in the workshop series "Milk Diaries. Dementia in statistics and stories". Kārlis Zāle Square's newly built promenade hosts Maija Demitere's work, a colourful confetti rain drawing attention to the spread of microplastics and exploring the intersection of art and ecological consciousness.

To experience these AR works, download or update the ART+ app from the mobile app store (Google Play or Apple Store). ART+ is compatible with iPhones newer than 6S and Android devices with ARCore. If a suitable device is unavailable, ART+ is accessible on any internet-connected device via a web browser.

The ART+ platform is a Liepāja based platform hosted by Liepāja Media Artists and Association "ASTE" and is supported by the Liepāja Municipality, Liepāja Culture Department, Kurzeme Planning Region and SCCF.

The "KOD-1" model was created with the support of the Kuldīga Digital Innovation Centre. The cannon model was made with the support of the Karosta Rescue Society.