LMMDV welcomes you to the “DESIGNing” opening

LMMDV welcomes you to the “DESIGNing” opening

On Thursday, December 14th, at 16:00 the public is kindly welcome to join the opening of the “DESIGNing” exhibition at the MIKC Liepāja Music, Art, and Design High School's exhibition hall (LMMDV) on Alejas iela 18, celebrating intersection of design and craft.

Over the months from September to December, third-year students and teachers from LMMDV’s Product Design and Fashion Accessory Design program, including Dzintra Budovska, Andris Garokalns, Edijs Ābelis, Vineta Trumpeniece, Guntis Jekste, collaborated closely with Folk Applied Art Studio “Zītars” artisan Solveiga Vārna and wickerwork master Antra Kaleja. Guided by design philosopher and Art Academy of Latvia professor Barbara Ābele, along with LMMDV teacher Guna Poga, these collaborative workshops, explorations, and experiments aimed to bridge the old and the new, showcasing the encounter between seasoned craftsmanship and emerging design across various materials.

The exhibition will present the fruits of this collaboration, offering an improvised visual of the interaction between experienced artisans and budding designers. From traditional materials and techniques to the exploration of innovative design ideas, the exhibition illustrates the rich process that unfolds when different skills converge. This event is not only an opportunity for traditional craftsmanship and materials to find new expressions and applications but also a chance for design enthusiasts to get a profound understanding of design origins, appreciate material properties, understand the labour involved, and marvel at the unique skills of craftsmen.

Departing from the traditional emphasis on the final outcome of creative endeavours and keeping the secret of “backstage” to your own, the “DESIGNing” exhibition places a spotlight on the journey rather than the destination. It recognizes that the process, with its failures and triumphs, holds equal importance to the end result, as all collaborators embark on a collective voyage of discovery.

Visit the LMMDV Exhibition Hall at Alejas iela 18 from December 14 to December 28 at opening hours as follows:

December 14-22: 9:00 to 17:00

December 27-28: 9:00 to 13:00

The “Master + Apprentice = Craft + Design” project is a collaboration between the association “Creative Industry Development Centre” and the MIKC Liepāja Music, Art, and Design High School, with the financial support of the State Culture Capital Foundation (Funding Agreement No. 2023-2-DIA019).

This initiative is driven to elevate the quality of design products crafted by students and to champion the preservation and continued utilization of traditional craft skills and knowledge in the field of product design. The project is not merely about fostering creativity but also about safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage embedded in these crafts – heritage that holds the potential to be passed down through generations.