LMMDV Music and Art Symbiosis Hackathon results in three unique multimedia creations

LMMDV Music and Art Symbiosis Hackathon results in three unique multimedia creations

The Music and Art Symbiosis Hackathon of Liepāja Music, Art, and Design High School (LMMDV), held for the second time on the youth initiative, has come to a successful culmination with three short films exploring different themes. The hackathon approach aimed to generate novel and surprising projects within a short timeframe, showcasing the unique synergy between music and art at the school. LMMDV’s access to music and art serves as a catalyst for projects that bring together various creative disciplines.

During the 24-hour hackathon, LMMDV students, guided by professional tutors, collaborated to produce three short films on different subjects, bringing their creative ideas to life and testing their ability to work intensively in overcoming immediate challenges. Divided into three groups and supported by LMMDV teachers, including musicians Andris Buiķis, Ieva Pāne, and Evilena Protektore, along with artists Kristians Brekte, Ēvalds Vanags, and Bruno Birmanis, participants had access to modern and compatible equipment, including cameras, computers, software, and sound recording equipment. The winning team of the hackathon was determined by voting on the LMMDV social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

The most votes were cast for the Ēvalds Vanags and Ieva Pāne’s led group of students – 256 in total. The short film “Syudeigs films” follows LMMDV students on a journey to Latgale to create a film in one student’s grandfather’s home, where unexpected tensions arise due to the lack of a script: https://www.facebook.com/LiepajaLMMDV/videos/929300078700669/

A video created by group mentored by Bruno Birmanis and Evilena Protektore with the slogan “Do the uncharted, experience the unprecedented!” received 138 votes. The video uses a cover version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”: https://www.facebook.com/LiepajaLMMDV/videos/790045496475261/

Whereas the third group, under the guidance of Andris Buiķis and Kristians Brekte, created the video “Portal,” earning 96 votes. This film narrates the story of the rock revival in Liepāja: https://www.facebook.com/LiepajaLMMDV/videos/893121539034536