Liepāja sandbox of (un)rest will be presented at the “LAMPA” Conversational Festival

Liepāja sandbox of (un)rest will be presented at the “LAMPA” Conversational Festival

Liepāja City Municipality in cooperation with the foundation “Liepāja 2027 Foundation”, as well as the Kaunas and Tartu European Capitals of Culture teams, will take part in this year’s "LAMPA" Conversational Festival in Cēsis from 9 to 10 June with a Liepāja (un)rest sandbox, offering a diverse two-day programme.

The city’s pavilion will be shaped like a giant sandbox with real sand from Liepāja beach, featuring activities for both adults and children. In total, the two-day Liepāja (un)rest sandbox will host both intellectual and educational discussions, practical activities where you can learn new skills, meet people from Liepāja, Estonia and Lithuania on blind dates, and watch theatre performances. The Liepāja activities will cover an area of 10x10 metres.

Each day we will be starting with a morning exercise conducted by a well-known Liepāja resident. We plan to hold a series of discussions with Liepāja’s partners from other European Capitals of Culture teams and organisations, together with representatives of Valmiera and Daugavpils we will discuss what and how the daily life of the three cities has changed since the announcement of the European Capital of Culture title in our conversation “One year after the European Capital of Culture title” with representatives of the European Capital of Culture project teams on what has and has not happened one year after the announcement of the European Capital of Culture title.

We will talk to our colleagues from Tartu and Kaunas about the practical cooperation between the regional cities and their partners in the Baltic States, the cooperation between the region and the country, exchange experiences on how to attract funding for your ideas and projects and discuss the new trends in the culture sector in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia together with the Liepāja2027, Kaunas2022 and Tartu2024 teams. The discussions will be moderated by Dzintars Hmieļevskis from Liepāja.

Choreographer Kristīne Brīniņa will take us on an exciting journey and show how to tell a great story in less than an hour. Kristīne Brīniņa has created a contemporary work of art combining elements of movement, objects and dramatic theatre that tells the story of random encounters, memories, and the pursuit of dreams.

In the Liepāja’s (un)rest sandbox during the festival, you will also learn some practical skills in the restoration process.

In addition, we encourage you to let fate take you on a blind date, meeting a real Liepāja resident, an Estonian and a Lithuanian, to spend the two nights of the festival in engaging conversations about what's happening in Liepāja, Estonia and Lithuania. This will be an opportunity to break all stereotypes, or on the contrary, to validate them.

Entrance to the LAMPA Conversation Festival is free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend.

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