Liepaja Music wins Culture Award for its activities in the Pegasus Courtyard

Liepaja Music wins Culture Award for its activities in the Pegasus Courtyard

The 13th annual Liepāja Culture Award ceremony took place on February 29th, recognizing individuals and organizations who have significantly enriched the city’s cultural landscape throughout 2023. This year’s award ceremony was staged as a theatrical performance with the main cast of characters played by the Culture Award winners. Surprising everyone who enjoyed the ceremony in person, nine laureates received their awards, as well as the Liepāja Residents Popular Choice Award and the Liepāja Mayor's Award.

Created by Liepāja playwright Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce and director Edgars Niklasons, the artistic director of the Liepāja Puppet Theatre, the performance unfolded through various vignettes, culminating in the award ceremony itself, presented by actors Sandis Pēcis and Gatis Maliks. This unique approach mirrored the spirit of the “Song Festival” play, reflecting the diverse creative landscape of Liepāja. Thus, the Great Amber’s Experimental Stage was chosen as perfect location for this performance.

Juris Jirgens, Head of the Liepāja Culture Department, emphasized the award’s evolving purpose, stating, “The Liepāja Culture Award, as tradition it stands today, has evolved from a desire to acknowledge, and support cultural excellence. It highlights the importance of quality and continuity within Liepāja’s cultural scene, where new events emerge as bright highlights alongside established traditions.” This sentiment resonated with the selection of 2023’s nine laureates, chosen from a pool of 34 applications and representing various artistic disciplines.

• SIA "Liepaja Music" Ltd, known for its innovative "Pegasus Courtyard" cultural venue, received the top honour, the Culture Award 2023, and a prize of 2,200 euro.

Other winners included:

• Andra Manfelde: Awarded 1,000 euro for her children's books "Poem with Mamma" and "Is Mamma at Home?"

• Harijs Ločmelis: Recognized for his "JAZZ VALHALLA" concert series, receiving 1,000 euro.

• Matīss Budovskis: Honoured for his directorial debut with "Song Festival" at Liepāja Theatre.

• "Great Amber" Concert Hall: Applauded for the international "Arts Laboratory CirqueMusique" project promoting contemporary music and circus among young people in Liepāja and Latvia.

• "Baringtons K2" Association: Acknowledged for the "Autumn of Sounds in Karosta" chamber music concert series in Karosta Chamber Hall.

• Liepāja Music, Art, and Design High School: Celebrated for the "DESIGNing" exhibition showcasing collaborations between experienced craftspeople and emerging designers.

• Jānis Ivuškāns: Recognized for his diverse creative contributions in Liepāja and Latvia throughout 2023.

• Anna Priedola: Applauded for bringing the socially significant topic of dementia to light with her exhibition "Milk Diaries. Dementia in statistics and stories."

• Liepāja Popular Choice Award 2023 went to SIA "Šarmants" for creating a unique cultural image of Liepāja and attracting foreign visitors through special city discovery events.

• The Liepāja Mayor's Special Sympathy Award was presented to Jēkabs Ozoliņš, the Honorary Chief Conductor of the Song and Dance Festival.

The Liepāja Culture Awards have been held for 13 years, honouring those who have made significant contributions to the city’s cultural landscape. This year’s awards ceremony was a testament to the diversity and creativity of Liepāja’s cultural scene. The awards were presented by a jury led by Nauris Lazdāns, Deputy Head of the Liepāja Culture Department. The jury included Ieva Dzintare, Head of “Madame Hoyer's Guest House”; journalist Liba Mellere; artist Agnese Kaupere; cellist and music teacher Dita Barona; actress and director Dita Lūriņa-Egliena; and Ivonda Vilsone, board member and producer of the cultural development association "Tapala lapa".