Liepāja Concert Hall gears up for a high-energy rave party

Liepāja Concert Hall gears up for a high-energy rave party

On the opening night of the festival "Liepāja Art Forum", on 29 September at 21.00, the "Great Amber" concert hall is going to host a roaring rave party in collaboration with the well-known Latvian producer and DJ Ksenia Kamikaza. Several female DJs will spin electronic music sets added to the spectacular and peculiarly colourful creatures and performances that all together will conjure up a fantastic atmosphere.

The rave party will be opened by Marija Titova, an audio and visual artist from Liepāja, who performs under the stage name Śūnyata and has been thrilling Latvian audiences at events for several years. Śūnyatā combines techno, minimalist and ambient music, amplified with nature sounds, ethnic, shamanic and psychedelic rhythms.

She will be followed by the techno priestess DJ Orthodox. Her "preached" beats, synthesised sounds and meditative transitions will elevate the audience above mundane cares and take them on a true techno confession.

In the final hour and a half, the music floor will be handled by Xenia Kamikaza, who is well known for her DJ programmes and concepts not only in Latvia, but also abroad. She has recently returned from the "Burning Man" festival and is up and ready to transport visitors to the vibrant atmosphere of this event.

The event will also feature artists and dancers who will transform the Liepāja concert hall into a habitat of extraordinary creatures, in which every character is an important part of the collective magic. The event will be attended by Latvian drag queens Antiboy Amnesia and Vencheska Baltique, dance show "Deltalivik" and other artists.

VIDEO. Opening party of "Liepāja Art Forum" at the concert hall:

The opening party will take about 4 hours in the public area on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the concert hall "Great Amber", decorated and illuminated for active dancing and relaxation. The event is intended for an adult audience; therefore, we require an age of 18 years to attend the event and 12 years to attend it accompanied by an adult. The "Kokmuiža" brand will be on hand to welcome visitors to the opening party with delicious refreshments.

The Liepāja Art Forum Contemporary Art Festival is organised by the SIA "Lielais Dzintars" Ltd. Tickets for the festival's paid events are available at the "Biļešu paradīze" box office and online:

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