Learn the Power of AI with "AI Kick": Digital Innovation Park Launches Online Challenge

Learn the Power of AI with "AI Kick": Digital Innovation Park Launches Online Challenge

Boost your digital literacy and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence with the "AI Kick" challenge, a month-long online program hosted by the Digital Innovation Park starting February 27th . Register at digip.lv/aikick

With just 20 minutes of daily learning, the "AI Kick" challenge guides you through the world of AI. From grasping the core principles to utilizing cutting-edge text and image generation tools, this program empowers you to become an active partner with AI, equipped with knowhow on using AI as your daily assistant.

“ChatGPT is already used by more than 1 billion users worldwide. Our wish is to have people living in Latvia who want to move towards personal or professional development also learn what AI is and know how to use it. This challenge will integrate theoretical and practical skills, leaving everyone to learn at their own pace,” says Agate Ambulte, Head of the Digital Innovation Park.

According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the world's leading technology university, AI has the potential to boost employee productivity by up to 40%. The challenge agenda covers sessions on text and image generation tools and their basics, creating prompts, using ChatGPT, applying image generation MI tools, plugins, navigate ethical and legal considerations.

The "AI Kick" challenge prioritizes your schedule. Live classes are held throughout the month, supplemented by 3 online discussion sessions. Recordings and learning materials will be readily available on the Digital Innovation Park's platform, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit key concepts anytime.

Experienced IT specialists Agate Ambulte and Aleksandrs Supruns will guide you through the program. Learn from Agate, the mastermind behind Latvia's first AI Talent Programme and Head of Digital Innovation Park who teaches generative AI training and organises strategic development sessions for all kinds of organisations, and gain practical expertise from Aleksandrs, an IT expert at the Youth Entrepreneurship and Career Support Centre who also runs daily training sessions on MI image generation, etc.

Ready to embark on your AI journey and improve your digital skills and productivity?

Applications are now open! Please visit https://www.digip.lv/aikick to register, get additional info and unlock the power of AI with the Digital Innovation Park.