Kurzeme NGO Centre organises free webinars in May

Kurzeme NGO Centre organises free webinars in May

Kurzeme NGO Centre offers free webinars in May, providing an opportunity to meet with Ieva Kalve, a specialist in the area of organisation management and document management, and Anita Gaile, an architect of change.

In the sessions "Protocols and Document Derivatives", "Procedures and Consistency in Documents" and "Transition to Digitised and Secure e-Document Management", Ieva Kalve will explain why procedures and consistency in all types of documents are handy and relevant for us. Common and specific requirements and recommendations for an optimal system will be addressed. The second session will provide practical tools for switching to digitised and secure document e-management – from file and folder naming, to working with hybrid files and recommendations for storing completed projects. There will also be an insight into the free digital opportunities provided by the government and the EU.

Webinars with Ieva Kalve:

11.05. 14:00-16:30 "Protocols and Document Derivations"

18.05. 14:00-17:00 "Procedures and Consistency in Documents"

25.05. 14:00-16:30 "Transition to Digitised and Secure e-Document Management"

Online registration is available at: https://ej.uz/DokumentuDigitalizacija

Together with the architect of change Anita Gaile, the session "Planning for succession" will define what knowledge and skills will be required in the future, how to identify emerging talent and create a learning culture in the organisation. Workshop participants will practice the succession planning process step by step.

Session with Anita Gaile:

16.05. 14:00-16:00 "Planning for succession"

Please register here: https://ej.uz/PectecibasPlanosana