Invitation to a workshop on communication, interaction with the media and the public

Invitation to a workshop on communication, interaction with the media and the public

Representatives of NGOs and community organisations in Liepāja will have the opportunity to learn new skills and improve their capacities on Tuesday, 25 April at 15.00 at the cultural centre "Wiktorija", 36/38 Graudu Street, in Liepāja, at an educational seminar "Practical recommendations for communication. Do's and don'ts in cooperation with the media and the public".

The seminar will provide practical advice on choosing the right target audience and the appropriate message, options of information channels in the municipality, city of Liepāja and at the national level, why a journalist is a friend and not someone to be afraid of, how to correctly produce information for the media and the public in an attractive way, how to establish meaningful and trusted relationships with communication partners, things never to do in cooperation with journalists, etc.

This practical workshop will be hosted by Zita Lazdāne, Head of the Public Relations and Marketing Department of the Liepāja City Municipality Administration, a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the communications industry - both in traditional and digital media, advertising and public relations agency, and for the last eight years in charge of the marketing and public relations sector of the City of Liepāja. The European Capital of Culture 2027 programme sets out among its goals to strengthen the capacity of local organisations, increase their expertise level and learn how to cooperate not only with different European countries and cities, but also to build successful partnerships with each other here in Liepāja.

As part of the European Capital of Culture 2027 programme, we will continue to organise various skills-building activities.

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