Hoyer’s House welcomes to the “Fish Day” in the spirit of the Sea Festival

Hoyer’s House welcomes to the “Fish Day” in the spirit of the Sea Festival

On Friday, 7 July, the 17th -19th Century Interior Museum “Madame Hoyer’s Guest House” invites you to attend “Fish Day” with a special fish menu in the Hoyer’s Tavern throughout the day and a delightful musical programme in the evening.

On 7 July, the tavern is planning to treat us with some tasty seafood specialties, teasing our taste buds with crayfish soup, herring in onion gravy, garfish, catfish and potato pancakes with salmon, served all day long. Pairing up with our local fishermen, the tavern will also have prepared a fresh catch of that same day and cooked exclusively for Fish Day in the kitchen of the Hoyer's Tavern.

In its turn, the Liepāja Museum has come up with a collection of old sea and freshwater fishing gear that fishermen used back in the day when they went fishing.

At 18.00, the Hoyer's Guest House will be hosting a programme of Irish folk music by Inese (voice, guitar) and Kristaps (voice, violin) Gaiļi. The two musicians have been performing together for 17 years, including 15 years as a family. Their vivacious repertoire is infused with their greatest passion and musical signature rooted in Irish folk music. Inese and Kristaps Gaiļi have lived in Ireland, where Kristaps studied traditional Irish fiddle at university. They have an impressive Irish repertoire of folk songs and instrumental melodies, taking the on tours in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania.

At 19.00, the tavern’s vibe will spark up with actress Sigita Pļaviņa and guitarist Māris Kupčs. Their performance will be an opportunity to get in the mood of a Sea Festival. Sigita and Māris have been working in creative tandem for several years, producing live concerts and delighting audiences all over Latvia.

“We live by the sea, it is our natural treasure and magnificence, which we should cherish and love at the same time,” the actress shares her feelings of closeness to the sea.

At the end of the “Fish Day”, at 20.00, the tavern’s floor will be serenaded by the actor Edgars Pujāts, singing his deep and storm-piercing melodies. His performance will mix happy and sad sea chants, fishermen’s yarns and, for the merrier visitors, round robin dancing until the end of the evening.

A special surprise for the participants of the “Fish Day” at Hoyer’s House – the opportunity to taste freshly smoked Southern Kurzeme coastal flounder from the homestead of a real Jūrmalciems fisherman.

Entrance to the “Fish Day” musical evening is free.