Erasmus+ Youth Worker Mobility Project “BE WELL”

Erasmus+ Youth Worker Mobility Project “BE WELL”

The organisation “Keep the Change” calls on applicants aged 18 and over to join an Erasmus+ mobility training project. The BE WELL project will take place in Romania from 12 to 19 May.

Accommodation, travel and food expenses are covered by the Erasmus+ programme.This program will open the path to identifying and addressing emotional distress in young individuals by gaining valuable insights into recognizing subtle signs of emotional distress in young people, understanding the profound impact of emotional support on the overall well-being, personal development, and engagement of young individuals in various activities and learn and implement effective approaches to navigate and address challenging situations.

The project unfolds through dynamic group activities, including role plays and the analysis of real-life scenarios, providing practical experience and reinforcing the application of acquired skills. This transformative initiative goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering participants a hands-on experience in applying their newfound skills through group work and practical exercises.The project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.Apply now for an Erasmus+ project and get a life-changing experience.

More information on the project is available here:īvojums_rumānijā

Apply by 10.02.2024 here:ānijai