Christmas concerts at Liepāja Theatre

Christmas concerts at Liepāja Theatre

For nearly 15 years, Christmas concerts have been an integral part of Liepāja Theatre’s tradition, eagerly anticipated by residents and city guests alike. This year marks a special occasion as the holiday concert, titled “Homecoming,” will be directed by Maija Kalniņa for the first time.

Maija Kalniņa shares her excitement about the upcoming production, stating, “Producing a Christmas concert in Liepāja Theatre is a great honour, a pleasure, and a very special event for me. It is an opportunity to collaborate with talented and professional individuals, and a blessing to narrate a story that holds deep personal meaning. The Christmas season and its celebration may vary for each of us, but the common thread is the shared desire to experience the magic. This concert provides everyone with the chance to set aside the December rush, the chores, and the unfinished tasks, and to experience the Homecoming. Home to Christmas.”

The music part is done by the theatre’s musical director, Normunds Kalniņš. The program is a harmonious blend of winter and festive songs by Latvian composers – both well-known and less popular, yet all of them an integral part of the Christmas classics. Normunds Kalniņš, on the keyboard himself, will be accompanied by musicians Miks Akots, Raitis Eleris, and Māris Zīlmanis. The concert will also feature the vocal talents of actors Anete Berķe, Agnija Dreimane, Anda Albuže, Agnese Jēkabsone (on 17, 19, 20, 22, 28 and 30 December), or Karīna Tatarinova (on 16, 21, 23, 27 and 29 December), along with Viktors Ellers, Kaspars Kārkliņš, Kārlis Artejevs, and Valts Skuja, all of them are already rehearsing the songs under the guidance of the vocal coach Ieva Dreimane-Sidares.

Contributing to the concert’s performance are choreographer Inga Krasovska, lighting designer Mārtiņš Feldmanis, and visual designers Aurika Feldmane and Kristīne Bernarde.

Expect. Hope. Hurry. Rest. Worry. Keep up. Fail. Laugh. Talk. Be silent. Argue a little. Reconcile. Be at home. Feel at home. To long for home. To be who you are. This is Christmas.

Liepāja Theatre, a home in itself, and its traditional concerts are for many an integral part of the Christmas journey. This time with 15 performances scheduled between December 16 and 30.