Calling all restoration professionals, experts, and enthusiasts!

Calling all restoration professionals, experts, and enthusiasts!

Are you passionate about preserving cultural heritage and want to contribute to the sustainable development of architectural heritage? Do you have experience in the restoration process or are you eager to learn and share your knowledge? If so, we invite you to join a unique opportunity to participate in the summer residence at Liepāja Restoration Centre!

🏛 More details about the summer residence:

• Duration: from July 8th to July 28th, 2024

• Location: Liepāja Restoration Centre, Liepāja, Latvia

• Objective: Actively participate in experience sharing and practical restoration workshops and masterclasses within the "FROM KNOW-HOW TO DO-HOW" project framework.

🔍 This summer residence is designed for:

• Restoration professionals with practical experience in the restoration of historic buildings.

• Experts in traditional construction methods, environmentally friendly restoration methods, or cultural heritage preservation.

• Enthusiasts with a genuine interest in learning and contributing to restoration initiatives.

💼 Activities and benefits:

• Engage in practical restoration workshops, masterclasses, and activities.

• Share your knowledge and experience with other participants.

• Learn about sustainable restoration practices and innovative methods.

• Contribute to the preservation of Liepāja's cultural heritage.

• Networking opportunities with local and international professionals.

🤔 Liepāja Restoration Centre offers:

• Fully funded accommodation during the summer residence,

• Travel expenses to the location of the summer residence,

• Daily expense stipend.

📝 How to apply:

To apply for the summer residence at Liepāja Restoration Centre, please submit:

• Your CV, indicating relevant experience and qualifications.

• A brief description of your interest, explaining why you are interested in participating in the residence and what you expect from your participation.

• Any additional materials or portfolios showcasing your professional work (optional).

📧 Submit your application here –

📅 Application deadline: April 29th, 2024

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a dynamic project aimed at promoting sustainable living and preserving cultural heritage. Join us in Liepāja for an unforgettable summer residence experience!

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The "FROM KNOW-HOW TO DO-HOW" project is a continuation of the well-established traditions of Liepāja Restoration Centre, aiming to bring together local restorers, owners of historic buildings, and international partners - residents who will work in Liepāja to promote sustainable living and preservation of cultural heritage. The project will include practical restoration workshops, educational programs, and intercultural cooperation to promote community engagement and improve the urban environment.

EIT Community New European Bauhaus “FROM KNOW-HOW TO DO-HOW”  is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.