Calling all creatives to propose your street-art vision for Daugava stadium fence in Seaside Park

Calling all creatives to propose your street-art vision for Daugava stadium fence in Seaside Park

The Liepāja Municipality, in collaboration with the Liepāja Olympic Centre and the "Liepāja 2027" foundation, invite all urban enthusiasts and artists to contribute their artistic talent by submitting sketches and ideas for enhancing the urban landscape through a vibrant fence painting project at the Daugava Stadium in Seaside Park.

Enthusiastic individuals of all ages, from preschoolers to senior adults, are welcome to submit their creative ideas. You can participate individually or team up as a group. The proposed paintings should revolve around the core themes and central concept of the European Capital of Culture 2027. The best and imaginative ideas will become a part of the fence painting at Daugava Stadium. This painting project will cover a section of the stadium fence within Seaside Park, spanning nearly 50 meters opposite the Banga Cafe.

Every participant is tasked with creating a conceptual sketch that vividly conveys their associative interpretation of the “Liepāja – European Capital of Culture 2027” project, or they can opt to describe their visionary ideas. This creative activity is designed to provide a platform for individuals to actively engage and share their personal perspectives. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the urban environment’s enhancement, showcasing individual viewpoints and reflections on societal happenings closely tied to Liepāja as the European Capital of Culture 2027.

Please submit your sketches and proposals electronically to the Public Participation and Health Promotion Department at, marking the subject as “Proposals for painting the LOC fence.” The deadline for submissions is December 31, this year. A panel of representatives from the LOC, the municipality, the Liepāja 2027 team, and the art industry will assess the submitted sketches and ideas. The results, along with the announcement of the winners, will be revealed in February 2024. The authors of the most outstanding entries will receive commendation prizes, and the most exceptional proposals will be brought to life with the help of professional artists.

The fence of the LOC stadium "Daugava" opposite the cafe "Banga" is 1.84 metres high and 46 metres long.