Apply to the Leadership Academy in Kurzeme 2023

Apply to the Leadership Academy in Kurzeme 2023

The association 'Kurzeme NGO Center' invites participation in the training cycle 'Leadership Academy in Kurzeme.' These free training sessions are intended for representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and active residents who want to create positive changes in their environment and society.

The sessions will take place from September to December in six Kurzeme cities: Skrunda, Liepāja, Saldus, Tukums, Valdemārpils and Ventspils.

Each training group will work on developing a common initiative that will be implemented in the first half of 2024.

The training cycle consists of five sessions in which participants will acquire practical knowledge and skills, guided by professionals in their respective fields:

In a session led by informal education instructor Staņislavs Babins, participants will learn methods for group formation, networking, and communication facilitation.

Together with community builders Daina Vanaga and Daiga Kadeģa from the Ziemupīte association, participants will explore topics related to active community and cultural environment development.

Liene Valdmane, Secretary-General of the European Movement in Latvia, will share her experience with unconventional ideas for organizing events that promote people's engagement and participation.

In a workshop led by Maija Jankovska, the leaders of Kurzeme NGO Center and Leadership Academy, participants will work on planning the common initiative.

In a session led by supervisors, mentors, and education experts Inga Pāvula, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to better take care of themselves before providing support to others.

To apply for participation in one of the training groups, please fill out the online application form:







Applications are open until September 17, 2023