An exhibition of Azerbaijani carpets opens at Liepāja Museum

An exhibition of Azerbaijani carpets opens at Liepāja Museum

On Wednesday, 31 May, at 17:00 in the small hall of Liepāja Museum, at Kūrmājas prospekts 16/18, an exhibition of Azerbaijani carpets “Azerbaijani Carpets. A Synergy of Past and Present”, will be presented to the public, displaying original wool carpets handmade in the traditional Azerbaijani carpet weaving technique.

The exhibition is organised in cooperation with the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Latvia and the Azerbaijan Open Joint Stock Company “Azərxalça”. The company revives the traditions of weaving, recreating, and promoting the making of hand-woven carpets that have been made by hand for centuries.

Today, the main objective of the “Azərxalça” Joint-Stock Company is to promote the art of carpet weaving as an original work of art, combining ancient carpet weaving traditions and creativity.

By attracting contemporary artists, “Azərxalça” promotes the preservation of the ancient tradition of hand-woven wool carpets, whilst creating contemporary works of art retaining the core values of traditional, classical carpet weaving.

The carpets, made in collaboration with contemporary artists and designers and crafted according to ancient traditions, fit perfectly into any interior, vividly demonstrating the synergy between the past and the present and succeeding in breaking down the strict boundaries of the traditional design approach, which brilliantly demonstrates the metamorphosis of carpet art. The creativity of the designers, new tonal variations and a refined flair for taste are transformed into reality with the help of skilled craftsmen, revealing centuries-old traditions in a contemporary manner.

Each yarn is hand-knotted to form a unique carpet of exceptional quality. Today’s carpets impress with their bold design innovations, colour and pattern abundance, exceptional quality and longevity.

Carpet weaving is one of the most renowned forms of Azerbaijani folk art and, thanks to the outstanding quality of traditionally woven carpets, they are widely recognised throughout the world.

The textiles, made according to the ancient carpet weaving tradition, come in dense textures, and have a seamless, flocked surface. Carpet weaving skills and the knowledge have traditionally been passed down from generation to generation, securing the sustainability of this folk-art form.

Traditionally, carpets were used in Azerbaijan to cover floors, decorate indoor walls, sofas, chairs, beds, and tables.

Since 2010, the traditional Azerbaijani art of carpet weaving has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The exhibition “Azerbaijani Carpets. A Synergy of Past and Present” will delight viewers at Liepāja Museum until 2 July 2023.

We kindly remind you that photography and video filming will be carried out during the opening of the exhibition. The footage will be used for event and Liepaja Museum publicity purposes. By being in the event area, you acknowledge that you are aware of being included in the audio or visual material.