Adult non-formal education classes in September

Adult non-formal education classes in September

We kindly invite all who are interested to register for adult non-formal education classes in September and to fill in a questionnaire on their learning preferences

The Liepāja City Educational Department welcomes people to apply for adult non-formal education classes in September. In-person classes are held at Peldu iela 5 or Ezera iela 53/55, in Liepāja, but the online classes will take place on the Zoom platform. To apply for the September sessions, please fill in the form here:

On 19 September, 17:00 - 18:30, online class "Artificial Intelligence – Easy and Fun", moderated by Irēna Birgersone, Technology and Lifelong Learning Expert at Saldus Municipality.

Description: Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced digital user, this class will inspire you with creative ideas.

In the words of the class moderator, "Get ready to dive into a world of excellence and opportunity, join the class that will change the way you look at the digital world and show you the way to unlock its potential in different areas of your life. I will guide you on this journey as an experienced informatics teacher, Deputy Director of Informatics and Technology and Lifelong Learning Coordinator in Saldus Region. I am driven by my passion to teach and share knowledge."

Target audience: anyone interested in learning about artificial intelligence and how to use it.

Application deadline: 18 September

On 20 September, 17:00 - 18:30 practical class "Yoga for the family", led by Evija Branta, yoga teacher at the yoga and health centre "Kundal".

Description: the class will help you to learn about breathing techniques, yoga exercises, relaxation, and yoga methods that you can do with your children, freeing them to move, learn breathing techniques and try to find relaxation.

Daily yoga practices added to the routine can improve both parents' and children's ability to cope with destructive emotions. Parents and children can incorporate different yoga principles into their daily lives. For example, mindfulness – discovering a way to recognise your physical and mental feelings in daily life and how to change them through yoga practices.

Target audience: parents

Application deadline: 18 September

On 21 September, 17.00 - 18.30, informative session "Montessori language materials", moderated by Diāna Grundmane, preschool and Montessori school teacher.

Description: the class will provide you with an opportunity to explore different Montessori language materials and methods that can help your child to successfully develop language and speech. Among the topics to be covered are items for expanding vocabulary, auditory games, sandpaper letters, the movable alphabet, reading with objects, cards for classifying reading, etc.

Target audience: preschool teachers, preschool teaching assistants and certified nannies in Liepāja city and South Kurzeme region.

Application deadline: 19 September

On 26 September, 14:00 - 15:30 Practical class "Graphic design platform Canva without prior knowledge", moderated by Agnese Lejniece, Head of the Personal Growth and Improvement Unit at the Centre for Educational Development and Methodological Support.

Description: during the session, you will have the opportunity to explore the features of the free version of the graphic design platform and practice creating visual materials that can be useful for social accounts, visual identity of your small business or various reports.

Target audience: anyone with no prior knowledge of Canva.

Application deadline: 24 September.

On 27 September, 18:30-20:00, class in the Room of Positive Feelings "Me and my Creative Self", moderated by Rita Reiha, administrator of the Room of Positive Feelings.

Description: we will be using various art therapy and creative writing techniques to arouse creativity and each participant will create their own unique work of art. The lighting in the rooms will be kept to a minimum, thus having a positive effect on the nervous system and helping to relax. The different colours, scents and light objects in the sensory room will help to stimulate the imagination, unlock, and arouse feelings of joy and playfulness, which in turn will serve as inspiration to fulfil personal ideas and dreams.

Target audience: parents of pre-school and primary school children.

Application deadline: 24 September

We are also looking forward to your feedbacks on your current learning interests in adult education. Based on the answers to the questionnaire, we shall develop a proposal for adult non-formal education activities for the school year 2023/2024. The questionnaire on learning interests is available here: