Welcome to apply for adult non-formal education classes in May

Welcome to apply for adult non-formal education classes in May

Liepāja City Education Department’s Education Development and Methodological Support Centre welcomes everyone to apply for adult non-formal education classes in May. The classes are held at 5 Peldu Street, in Liepāja or via online platforms. Register for the classes by filling in the form: https://ej.uz/LIP-maijs

On 9 May, 15:00 - 16:30, online seminar “How to establish an association”, moderated by Lilita Strode, Head of the Registration of Organisations Department of the Register of Enterprises – a Public Notary.

Description of the seminar: The class will provide an opportunity to learn how the process of establishing an association is carried out – what documents are required to file with the Register of Enterprises for registration of an association in the Register of Associations and Foundations and how to format them, as well as the most common mistakes.

Target audience: anyone interested in establishing and founding an association.

Application deadline: 7 May

On 15 May, 15.00 - 16.30, practical session “Graphic design platform “Canva” without prior knowledge”, session supervisor Agnese Lejniece, Head of the Personal Growth and Development Department.

Description of the seminar: During the session, you will have the opportunity to learn about the possibilities of the free version of the graphic design platform Canva.com and create visual materials which may be useful for creating social accounts, developing a visual identity for your small business, or preparing various reports.

Target audience: anyone with no prior knowledge of Canva.

Application deadline: 9 May

Fee: 14.50 euros (incl. VAT)

On 16 May, 17:0 - 18:30, informative session “Safe Summer for Children”, the 5th in a series of parenting sessions "Growing Together", led by Chief Inspector Vita Vīlistere and Senior Inspector Gints Briķis from the Prevention Group of the Kurzeme Regional Directorate of the State Police, Prevention Police Bureau.

Description of the seminar: The session is based on the safety and responsibility of children in summer. Safety and security are the main focus of the lesson. It will also raise the issue of safe swimming and when to call 110 or 112.

Target audience: parents, especially parents and grandparents of pre-school and primary school children.

Application deadline: 14 May

On 17 May, 15:00-16:30 informative seminar “Summer employment: seasonal work and the first work experience for a child”, led by Linda Segliņa and Silvija Mažaika, employment officers of the Liepāja branch of the State Employment Agency.

Description of the seminar: this seminar will introduce what parents need to consider if their child is working in the summer, what are the possibilities for a child to be employed in the summer season, and what should be considered by employed persons if they are working only seasonal jobs.

Target audience: parents, students and anyone interested in seasonal work and first work experience.

Application deadline: 15 May

On 18 May, 17:00 - 18:30, seminar “Business Etiquette”, led by Inga Sprice, successful entrepreneur, etiquette and PR expert, veteran organiser and leader of self-development camps, retreats and seminars.

Description of the seminar: The seminar will focus on the details of business etiquette to be applied in everyday life, in the working environment and in communication with others. Seminar topics include greetings, introductions, etiquette in the e-environment and dress etiquette. There will be an opportunity to ask questions on business etiquette matters of interest to you.

Target audience: anyone interested in the basics of business etiquette.

Application deadline: 11 May

Fee: 14.50 euros (incl. VAT)

On 22 May, 14.00 - 15.30, online class “First Steps in Project Management”, led by Aija Strazda, project manager with more than 15 years of experience in managing local and international projects.

Description of the seminar: The session will introduce you to the basics of the project, from idea to outcome, external funding sources and the project life cycle. The session will wrap up with questions about project management.

Target audience: anyone interested in what project management is and how to turn an idea into a project and get funding.

Application deadline: 12 May

Fee: 14.50 euros (incl. VAT)

On 23 May, 17:00 - 18:30, creative masterclass “Making body scrubs”, masterclass host Baiba Griezīte, founder of the brand “Saules zīmes masāžas ziepes” and creative masterclass teacher.

Description of the seminar: During the masterclass you will learn how to make a body scrub from natural ingredients, how to store it and how often to use it.

Target audience: anyone interested in learning how to make body scrubs.

Application deadline: 16 May

Fee: 14.50 euros (incl. VAT)

On 24 May, 15:00 - 16:30 Informative seminar “How to become self-employed”, led by Ieva Drišļuka and Anita Novada, experts of the Kurzeme Division of the Customer Service Department of the State Revenue Service.

Description of the seminar: The seminar is helpful for everyone who wants to engage in their own economic activity, but not quite ready to set up a company. The seminar will also be useful for taxpayers who have been using other tax regimes, such as patents or royalties, but after the amendments to their terms look for an economic activity status to be more suitable for their activity.

Seminar topics: How to register your self-employed business, Which tax regimes can be chosen, When and how to submit reports and make payments.

Target audience: anyone interested in becoming self-employed or already self-employed but has questions about accounting and taxation.

Application deadline: 22 May