Swedish Music Day will be held in Liepāja

Swedish Music Day will be held in Liepāja

On Wednesday, 26 April, a Swedish Music Day will be held in Liepāja, organised by the Liepāja High School of Music, Art and Design (LMMDV) in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Rīga.

“International pop has two capitals today: Stockholm and Los Angeles. That’s where most hits are written and produced. Check out the global pop songwriter elite and you’ll find that around 50 or so are Swedes. It’s an incredible success story. How on earth could a small country of 10 million people partly located inside the Arctic Circle, and with a language unintelligible to non-Scandinavians, become a world leader in pop?”.

The event is part of the broad programm of the events of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

An exhibition on the Swedish music industry's important role in world popular music "Swedish Music Moments" will open at 16.00 in the LMMDV Exhibition Hall, at Alejas Street 18.

At 19.00 Liepāja Concert Hall "Great Amber" will stage a "Jam Session" with the special guest of the event - the talented Swedish jazz vocalist Liselotte Östblom, who will perform together with the young and talented musicians of Liepāja - LMMDV students