Liepāja Theatre audience voting for actors and productions has started

Liepāja Theatre audience voting for actors and productions has started

At the end of each season, Liepāja Theatre conducts an audience vote to identify the productions, as well as the actors in the leading and supporting roles, considered by the audience to be the best and their favourite. This year is the 15th time the voting takes place; for the 4th time it is held in cooperation with the “TIAMO group”. The voting will take place from 16 May to 12 June electronically (the questionnaire is available on the Liepāja Theatre website, with paper voting forms also available at the theatre.

“Liepāja Theatre is a magnet of culture that attracts people from all over Latvia year after year. It is our country’s oldest professional Latvian theatre, captivating audiences with its sophisticated narratives and charismatic acting,” says Toms Zukulis, Chairman of the Tiamo Group board. “We appreciate the theatre’s contribution to enriching culture and the development of the city, and we are delighted to be present at one of the biggest events in Liepāja Theatre this year celebrating the audience's favourites.”

The productions included in the ballot are: “Līnenas skaistumkaraliene” (directed by Dž.Dž.Džilindžers), the only performance from the previous one, as it premiered only in June 2022 and was not included in the last vote.

“Yen” (directed by Dmitrijs Petrenko), “Igauņu bēres 1999” (directed by Regnārs Vaivars), “Dziesmu svētki” (directed by Matīss Budovskis), “Kaija” (directed by Dmitrijs Petrenko), “Vārdiņš” (directed by directed by Dž.Dž.Džilindžers) and Liepāja Theatre’s latest production “Medus garša” (directed by Mārtiņš Kalita), which premiered only last weekend.

The voting results will be announced on 17 June after the performance of “Grieķi”, meaning that the audience attending this performance will be the first to know this year’s results, which will then also be published on the theatre’s website. The performance “Grieķi” is currently being produced by director Elmārs Seņkovs and will premiere on 10 June, while on 17 June it will conclude the 116th season of Liepāja Theatre. “Grieķi” will be included in the audience voting for the next season.

It was Elmārs Seņkovs’ performance “Grimmi” that won the audience’s favourite and most acclaimed performance of the previous season. Egons Dombrovskis, Agnese Jēkabsone, Rolandas Beķeris and Karīna Tatarinova were named the best actors of the last season.

Less than a week after the result of the audience vote is announced, nominations for the Latvian National Theatre Award “Spēlmaņu nakts” will be announced by professionals who will deliver their assessment of the past season in all Latvian theatres.