Liepāja Restoration Centre establishes a pop-up co-creation studio and announces the 2nd season programme

Liepāja Restoration Centre establishes a pop-up co-creation studio and announces the 2nd season programme

For the second season, Liepāja Restoration Centre will continue to educate public in current topics within the restoration industry by organising a series of educational lectures and masterclasses “KNOW / APPRECIATE / PRESERVE”.

This summer season, the Liepāja Restoration Centre welcomes the owners of the city’s historic buildings, restorers, architecture enthusiasts and industry professionals to master different restoration skills, share their experience and opinions, and listen to professional advice on relevant topics. The series is aimed to involve people who are interested in restoration process in practical activities, giving them the opportunity to try out various materials used in restoration and to learn the basic skills of their application. The series “KNOW / APPRECIATE / PRESERVE” will run from June to August.

To be able to advise and assist the public as best as possible, the Liepāja Restoration Centre has launched a pop-up co-creation restoration studio, which will provide everyone who is interested with both informative and educational support, along with a range of practical tools for restoration work. The studio is open to anyone interested by contacting the Restoration Centre in advance to discuss the possibilities of carrying out the work they are looking for.

“Looking back at the first season of the Liepāja Restoration Centre, I could say that the public interest was incredibly big. When I was working on the establishment of the Restoration Centre, I was aware that the restoration topic was not properly covered in the city and there would be many questions to be addressed, but I did not expect that there would be so much interest from the public. This is of course pleasing and gives me inspiration to continue the work we are doing to help owners of historic buildings to better understand the value of their property and to identify ways to maintain it in a technically sound condition. I believe that there is too much of a burden on the restoration industry today. While I think that taking care of our property and keeping it in good condition was something our ancestors did as a routine matter, the modern life rush has made us give up a lot of things that we can do with our own hands. Instead, we wait for years for specialist expertise and end up calling it restoration because the property has lost even more of its valuable substance. I believe that restoration is the last chance to save a property from destruction, whereas regular care of a property prolongs its lifespan and increases its value. Therefore, this season's programme will aim to educate and encourage owners of historic buildings to learn how to maintain their own property by learning the different restoration methods, tools and materials that are most effective for the job. This season’s classes will be organised as three-day events, so that those interested have the opportunity to better understand the application of materials and tools,” says Ivars Pilips-Matisons, Manager of the Liepāja Restoration Centre.

From June to August, within the “Liepāja Restoration Centre” series of talks and masterclasses “KNOW / APPRECIATE / PRESERVE”, there will be several events aimed at acquiring practical skills in restoration. This series will engage like-minded enthusiasts and professionals in a discussion on the importance of restoration, the process challenges, and provide an opportunity for participants to share their experiences.

The series of talks and masterclasses is planned as a public awareness-raising event educating and engaging owners of local historic buildings in the area, as well as promoting a common understanding of restoration, its importance, and its place in the Liepāja of today and tomorrow. Series events will be held at the Restoration Centre’s location at 24 Bāriņu Street.

Using the case study method, lectures and practical sessions will be organised in June, July, and August 2023. The plan of the series “KNOW / APPRECIATE/ PRESERVE”:

14-16 June. Season opening and masterclass on historic door restoration. Identification of defects, drafting the restoration programme, restoring process.

26-28 June. Intro class on restoration of historic window shutters. Identification of defects, drafting the restoration programme, choice of materials.

12-14 July. Masterclass on restoration of historic window shutters. Wood and metal parts restoration, making new parts and matching them with the historical ones.

24-26 July. Intro and workshop on restoration of lime masonry. Selection of materials and tools, identification of defects, preparation of surfaces, restoration process.

28-30 July. Masterclass in restoration of lime masonry. Carrying out work in the area of foundations, selection of materials and types of application.

21-23 August. 1st anniversary event and masterclass in restoration of historic windows. Identification of defects, drafting the restoration programme, restoration process.

For more information on the each of these events, please visit the Liepāja Restoration Centre Facebook page. The number of places is limited, registration is available at

The event series is supported by the Liepāja City Administration, State Culture Capital Foundation, Kurzeme Planning Region.