Liepāja 2027 Foundation is registered, and job vacancies are announced

Liepāja 2027 Foundation is registered, and job vacancies are announced

On 8 May this year we have received a confirmation from the Register of Enterprises on the registration of the foundation “Liepaja 2027 Foundation” in the Register of Associations and Foundations, thus the Foundation has begun its legal activity and is now announcing a number of job vacancies. Among the positions being sought are a public participation manager, a fundraising officer, a regional cooperation coordinator, a public relations and marketing manager, an accountant, and an office administrator and partner coordinator.

The main purpose of the Liepāja 2027 Foundation is to begin the preparation process for the celebrations of Liepāja’s birthday in 2025 and the European Capital of Culture in 2027, which will include a comprehensive programme from 2023 to 2028 with cross-sectoral activities, contributing to the socio-economic growth of the city, raising international profile, promoting tourist flow, developing the creative industries sector, as well as implementing cooperation projects with the public, private and non-governmental sectors, attracting financial resources from different financial sources, including European Union funds and the private sector. On 23 March, the Liepāja City Council approved the three-member Foundation Board with Inta Šoriņa as the Chairperson of the Board, Baiba Bartkeviča as the Board Member on artistic work and Eva Ciekurze as the Board Member on financial and legal matters. The Board is tasked to ensure the functioning of the Foundation, including the establishment of a team.

To fully launch the foundation, it requires a number of specialists to carry out specific functions. The main job responsibility of the fundraising officer will include attracting resources from various European and other financial sources for the implementation of Liepāja 2027 and Liepāja 400 projects, including participating in project planning and development, drafting applications to funding sources, monitoring project implementation, resources allocation, submitting necessary reports, etc.

The duties of the public participation manager will include managing and supervising the public participation processes of Liepāja 2027, among others, promoting volunteering, increasing the audience and accessibility, carrying out capacity building activities, monitoring, ensuring the involvement of residents, public and non-governmental organisations in Liepāja 2027 and Liepāja 400 projects, as well as the development and implementation of the public participation strategy and action plan.

The regional cooperation coordinator will be required to envisage planning, organising and supervising the implementation of cultural and interdisciplinary projects of the Liepāja 2027 programme in the South Kurzeme and Kuldīga regions, including participation in conceptual, thematic and practical project development, implementation and report writing; liaising between the Liepāja 2027 team and regional authorities, local organisations, representatives from the public, private and non-governmental sectors.

The job vacancy is also open for a PR and marketing manager, tasked with managing and supervising the communication and marketing work of the Foundation Liepāja 2027, including public relations, digital communication, international relations, protocol, national and international advertising campaigns, as well as ensuring the development and implementation of the communication and marketing strategy and action plan.

The accountant’s job will involve providing a full financial accounting cycle, ensuring regular accounting reports, generating financial statements and annual reports for the municipality, public authorities, relevant partners upon request.

Last, but not least, the required position of the office administrator and partner coordinator will involve coordinating the daily running of the office, dealing with organisational issues, keeping records in accordance with the legal regulations, communicating with partners in Latvia and abroad, and handling information flow.

Read the competition requirements here:

Fundraising Officer

Public Participation Manager

Regional Cooperation Coordinator

Public Relations and Marketing Manager


Office Administrator and Partner Coordinator

Please send your CV and a covering letter to by 23:59 on 22 May 2023.