“Atmodas Dārzs” opens the season with "Wake up and OPEN" event

“Atmodas Dārzs” opens the season with "Wake up and OPEN" event

The summer is waking up, the lindens are waking their blossom, the wakening bells of the cathedral on Sundays, the waking waves of the sea in the distance, and the Awakening Garden is waking up again to welcome you.

On 6 May, the opening “Wake up and OPEN” party of the second season of the cultural venue “Atmodas Dārzs”, will keep you awake all day long.

"Atmodas Dārzs" (or the Awakening Garden) is a place of freedom, creativity and gathering – an established creative quarter venue that will open its second season this year. The initiator of this space is local entrepreneur and creative architect Madars Markus-Narvils, who has designed it with the aim of creating an ever-changing, interdisciplinary cultural offer. Art, gastronomy, dance, music, and theatre all converge in the Awakening Garden and the boundary between the creator and the observer vanishes. The programme of the opening event will have two parts. During the day, from 12.00 – 16.00, there will be an award ceremony for the winners of the photo competition “The Karosta Paradox” and free activities for families, exploring new experiences and gathering for a pleasant get-together.

The Drawing Theatre will perform “Jatakas”, a show about the joy, openness, and unpredictability of a child. It will be a Latvian interpretation of the stories of India, entwining the local and the exotic in free-flowing strokes of colour, a dance swirl, and thrilling adventures.

For the second year, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in spring gardening - sowing herbs and vegetables in small containers to be planted in the specially designed garden bed of the Awakening Garden.

Creative workshops with artists Solvita Bruže, Irita Timbra and Sintija Lasmane will provide an opportunity to discover the true joy of painting, creating artworks on stones and wood, and experiencing the inspiring process of clay making.

Throughout the day, the territory of the “Atmodas Dārzs” will host an exhibition of the 12 best works of the photo competition “The Karosta Paradox”, and DJ Jānis Enkūzens will take care of the great musical atmosphere.

The territory of the Awakening Garden will be open for the evening event from 18.00 with a warm-up by DJ Jānis Enkūzens. At the peak of the night, everyone will have the opportunity to awaken and discover the power and feelings of a summer concert with the positively expressive band “Dziļi violets”. On stage, they will work in tandem with the most dynamic energy, joie de vivre and improvisation artist to hit the scene at the moment, Sanda Dejus. Their musical and creative union “Uz labu laimi” will stir up everyone, leaving no one untouched and making a solid head start for the new season of “Atmodas Dārzs”.

Pre-sale tickets are available at www.ticketshop.lv  

The open-air café “Kūp BBQ” will serve tasty meals and drinks throughout the event.

The season opening event “Wake up and OPEN” is co-financed by the Liepāja Culture Department..